New Jersey Emergency Medical Guidecards
Photo of an Ambulance

Current New Jersey Emergency Medical Guidecards in printable (PDF) form.

Current New Jersey Emergency Medical Guidecards electronic (PDF) form.

Changes in NJ EMD Guidecards with explaination for training.

New Jersey Emergency Medical Dispatch Guidecards




 EMD Guidecards (.pdf)

Tabs for EMD Guidecard Rack (PDF)


Changes to CARDIAC ARREST Cards

Cards can be printed and inserted into existing racks for 2017 changes to CARDIAC ARREST Card instructions


Current ALERT Card

April 2017 in PDF format


Changes to 2017 Guidecards

Explains the changes to the NJ EMD Guidecards for April 2017 (PDF)

EMD Guidecards for computer

A set of EMD cards for use on a computer. Set in a PDF format with links for navigating between cards. Can be downloaded and run as a seperate window. No time stamping or note keeping, just an computer version of the "flip card stand".

April 2017 (Update links to NJ OEMS)

EMD Guidecards (for basic computer use)