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Support for Transition Reports

there has just been a change of Executive Authority in New Jersey, representing a significant shift in philosophical basis; and

WHEREAS, the citizens of New Jersey, more particularly farmers and landowners have, of late, been subjected to NJDEP actions that have escalated the impact of many laws through regulation and rule; and

WHEREAS, NJDEP actions have, contrary to a stated support, routinely negatively impacted agriculture; and

WHEREAS, the reports of both the transition team on Agriculture and the DEP have acknowledged the disparity between the action and stated support, in addition to more specifically detailed areas of conflict; and

WHEREAS, the transition team on Agriculture’s report was particularly positive, identifying many areas of strength and clearly highlighting agriculture as an asset to the state; and

WHEREAS, the transition team on DEP was consistently critical of the performance of the DEP in its role of serving the best interests of all New Jersey citizens.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the delegates to the 95th State Agricultural Convention, assembled in East Brunswick, New Jersey, on February 9, 2010, do hereby fully endorse the reports of the transition teams on Agriculture and transition on DEP.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we urge the Governor and the Legislature to work diligently to implement all of those recommendation of these two reports in the best interests of the State of New Jersey and its citizens.