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Through the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's Farm to School program, schools throughout New Jersey can source more than 100 types of Jersey Fresh produce grown here in the Garden State. Opportunities exist for NJ farmers to provide agricultural products to school food service departments throughout the growing season. The object of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias is to improve student nutrition, provide healthy and nutrition education opportunities that will last a lifetime, as well as support local farmers. Additionally, the farm to school program includes schools garden activities which help teach students where food comes from by growing it themselves. Students benefit by learning the science behind farming and the nutritional values of fresh products, as well as gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the environment. Educators can use school garden programs to teach any subject - math, science, language arts, health and nutrition or social studies. Finally, farm to school programs create a sense of community for all involved with the related activities.

Photo of a school celebrating Farm to School Week in NJ