1. Farm Link Program Participants complete and return a farm owner form or farm seeker form.

2. The Farming Opportunity Sought/Available Listing Description that is completed on each form is added to the website.

3. Participants (and other members of the public) review the online farming opporunity listings.

4. If a listing interests a Participant or member of the public, he or she contacts the person directly.

5. If a Participant (someone who has completed a Farm Link form) would like more information about any listing (such as additional contact information or background details), he or she may request a copy of that person's Farm Link form. Participants contact the Farm Link Program to make the request.

For each request made, the Farm Link Program exchanges the farm owner and farm seeker forms in the mail. For example, if Farm Owner Joe requests a copy of the form completed by Farm Seeker #1045, Joe is sent a copy of that person's form, and that person is sent a copy of Joe's form.

With this exchange, it is still the responsibility of each party to contact the other to see if a match or business arrangement is possible.

6. If a link or match is made, please contact the Farm Link Program so we can update our records accordingly.

Please note: The Farm Link Program's linking service is not a real estate service, but rather a unique service for farm owners/landowners and other farmers. Accordingly, people looking for land but not planning to farm may not participate in the program.