Listed below are descriptions of the farming opportunities sought (posted 2004-2010) by new and established farmers. Contact information is displayed for most of these listings. To get more information on any listing, including additional background details or contact information, please review the Farm Link Program's linking process.

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ID Number
Area sought Description of the Farmland or Farming Opportunity Sought
1278 Warren, Sussex, Hunterdon

I'm looking for a small 10-20 acre farm to create an organic orchard/vegetable crop operation. A honeybee sanctuary will also be a focus of the farm. I have many practical skills and am handy and adaptable to many possible scenarios. Financing will not be a problem. Phone: 201-683-6690; Email: 10/10

1276 All counties

Young couple with 10+ years experience in organic vegetables seeking access to land to start our own operation. Interested in leases, transfers, and eventual sales. We would like at least 15 acres of farmable land with housing on site and an irrigation source. Any other buildings and equipment would be helpful. Phone: 631-603-8242, 201-982-3623; Email:, 9/10

1275 All counties

Seeking access to 5-20 acres within a 2 hour drive of NYC to start a Yiddish language farming program. This would involve a group of 10 Yiddish speakers living communally during the summer on a piece of land with some housing (not necessarily for 10 people, some will live in trailers). The directors of the program have 4 years of farming experience together and would live on the farm from spring until fall to prepare for and coordinate the program. The summer program will train the participants in organic agriculture. Phone: 917-975-6747; Email: 8/10

1271 Monmouth

I am a Certified Horticulturalist looking to lease a small amount of land (as small as a half acre) in Monmouth County (the closer to Red Bank, the better). My partner and I are looking start a specialty herb business. If you or someone you know has a little space available, please let me know. Email: 8/10

1270 Mercer, Burlington

Seeking access to 5-20 acres (rent, rent to own, etc.) to start a new organic and self-sustaining livestock business. My plan is to start small with potential for positive growth, with aspiration of having the best product in the northeast and beyond. I am in the process of finishing my business plan now. Also open to related farm manager/employment opportunities. Phone: 609-280-0005; Email: 7/10

1269 Sussex, Warren

New Jersey shepherd/farmer seeks to lease an 80-200 acre farm with suitable pasture for sheep, to expand my operation. I raise lambs for the meat market and also teach students how to herd sheep. My farm can be visited at Email: 7/10

1268 Northwest Jersey

Young couple with 11 years combined farming experience (CSA/markets/wholesale/management) looking relocate from the Philadelphia/south Jersey area to the right farming opportunity in northwest NJ. We are seeking 2-5 tillable acres for vegetable production and are open to exploring all options of business partnership with interested landowners (profit share, rental, barter, caretaking, or work-trade). Ideally the property has some existing infrastructure and equipment, on-site housing, and would be available for start-up as early as spring 2011. Contact Danielle and Dave: Phone: 215-983-1616; Email: 7/10

1267 Monmouth

I would like to find an opportunity to work in the thoroughbred breeding industry. Seeking an apprenticeship or assistant farm manager position with responsibilities that include mating decisions, booking mares, standing stallions, setting up syndicates/partnerships, managing accounts payable/receivable, marketing mares/weanlings/yearlings/racing prospects, auction/racing decisions, and potential investor acquisitions. Email: 7/10

1266 All counties

I am in the seafood business (import/export) and am interested in acquiring some land (lease with option to purchase or purchase to start a new aquaculture fish farm operation. Phone: 201-482-8563; Email: 7/10


Morris, Monmouth, Middlesex, Somerset, Ocean

Looking to lease 5-10 acres (or lease with option to buy 5-10 acres) to start a new farm operation producing organic eggs and organic vegetables. Prefer farming opportunities where housing would be available. Email: 7/10

1259 South or central Jersey

Alpaca breeder seeking an opportunity to establish a farm business in South or Central NJ that incorporates alpacas with organic herbs, produce, flowers and agritourism. I have started the herd and am now looking for property and possibly a partnership. An existing organic farm that wants to add alpaca breeding and products to its portfolio would be ideal. Alpaca is a growing industry and targets the same demographic as organics, so the potential is great. Seasonal farm events, spinning and other fiber arts activities, and a farm store are a part of my marketing plan. If interested, email Kathy at or call 484-477-3981. 5/10

1258 All counties

Small thoroughbred breeder/trainer seeking farm to rent. Optimal property will be 20+ acres (prefer 40+) suitable for horses. A turn-key facility with barn and fencing would be a plus, but I will put fencing on the right property. There must be a home on the property. Prefer to stay under $2K per month. I base my reputation and my business on the car I take of my horses and property. I will take stellar care of your property. All of my horses are healthy, UTD on everything, and well-cared for. References available. Phone: 912-201-1236; Email: 4/10

1255 Gloucester Looking to rent a farm a small piece of land (2-5 acres) depending on what is available (i.e., water, equipment, etc.) to raise vegetables. Presently I am raising vegetables on a small plot in Woodbury, NJ and give all my produce to the Woodbury Food Bank, which distributes it twice a week to families in need. Raising vegetables is a hobby for me since I reired. I am not in it for profit and find great satisfaction in helping others through the food bank. Phone: 856-848-3365; Email: 4/10
1252 All counties I am a full-time famer looking to buy 20-50 acres of farmland to relocate and expand my farm operation. I have a cut flower greenhouse operation. Phone: (c) 201-952-1888, (h) 609-518-9115; Email: 2/10.
1249 Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer Dairy farm wanted for rent by former milk tester. Would like capacity of up to 60-70 cows plus young stock. Interested in farms in southern Somerset, northern Mercer, and Hunterdon counties. Looking for a farm with 50-70 acres to pasture/rotationally graze the cows. Crop ground (an additional 100 acres) could be rented nearby or owner could raise crops for me. Do not need housing, but distance from home could be a limiting factor. I do not anticipate being able to purchase a farm but am more than willing to entertain offers. Phone: 609-466-2959; Email: 1/10
1247 Mercer, Burlington, Monmouth, Ocean I am interested in leasing farmland from 20 acres in size to several hundreds of acres in size to expland my field crop operation. I am a third-generation farmer from Chesterfield Twp. who uses soil testing to determine the proper amounts of fertilizer and lime to apply. We use no tillage or minimum tillage whenever possible to conserve soil as much as possible. Phone: 609-820-0436; Email: 12/09
1211 Central and south Jersey Established farmer based in Jackson, NJ looking to lease an additional 100 acres to expand my vegetable operation (pumpkins, hot peppers, ethnic vegetables, etc.). I'm interested in lease as well as partnership opportunities. Phone: 201-772-2201; Email: 12/09
1243 North Jersey, central Jersey

Experienced farmer (I have managed several dairy farms and have degrees in ag business/ dairy science/ dairy management) looking for access to land and for landowners/investors interested in establishing a new high-end dairy cow business. These cows are selected for their special pedigrees/genetics, are extremely valuable, and are bred and raised to be shown and compete at national/international events. A great investment. They require special attention and the right people/facilities. Would like to open the farm to teach people about the dairy industry, and a creamery is an option, too. Have a team in place now with much experience. Contact: Aaron Creighton: Phone: 262-331-4296; Email: 11/09

1242 Central Jersey Allies, Inc. is looking for 1-2 acres including a building to start a CSA program in 2010. The farm would involve our day program/vocational training for developmentally disabled adults over 21. Our background includes experience with farming, master gardening, and horticultural therapy. Contact Linda Barton or Mary Anne McMillan: Phone: 609-509-0817; Email:, 10/09
1240 All counties

Experienced farmer/farm manager looking to relocate from VA to NJ and find a farming opportunity to settle into. I have been providing my passion, integrity, skills, and love of farming the land and with animals to others as a farm manager for over 25 years, and it’s time to settle into a place with my wife and children and enjoy the fruits of our labor for our family’s well-being and future. Much experience working with livestock (cattle, horses, etc.) and crop production (field crops, hay, grasses, etc.). Interested in farm manager positions and opportunities that could involve a transition to ownership. Phone: 703-999-1873; Email: 10/09

1238 All counties Husband and wife team, currently operating a goat dairy in central Maine, looking to relocate to NJ and lease a farm - we want to return to NJ to be closer to family. Our dairy currently makes a variety of cheeses, ice creams, and handmade natural goat milk soaps, which we sell at farmers' markets and to local natural food stores. We are interested in continuing this operation in NJ and eventually adding organic produce, having a diversified farm. 10-50 acres would be ideal to have enough room to practice rotational grazing. Also open to partnership, farm manager, and other opportunities for working with other established farm operations. Phone: (207) 584-3450; Email: 9/09
1159 Monmouth, Central Jersey

Looking for a longer-term lease of 10+ acres to plant a vineyard and develop a new farm winery. Winery would include a small retail outlet for access by the public. Phone: (h) 732-446-6151, (c) 732-688-2293; Email: Updated 8/09

1231 Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Atlantic Looking to lease or purchase 10-100 acres to start a new farm business (fruits and vegetables, possibly some animals).

No existing buildings or structures necessary. Phone: (h) 732-677-3105, (c) 845-521-2328; Email 6/09 

1226 Hunterdon Established horse farm is looking to lease/purchase a large tract of land (100+ acres) to grow hay and pasture horses. Looking in or near Hunterdon County. Email: 4/09 
1224 Mercer I have an established livestock and hay farm and am looking for additional land to lease and grow hay, grass, timothy, clover, alfalfa, etc. on. I am looking for land realtively close to my home farm and noticed some open land on Reed Rd., Lawrenceville-Pennington Rd., Federal City Rd., and Blackwell Rd. for instance. Phone: (w) 609-466-3556, (c) 609-922-0404; Email:; Fax: 609-466-1092. 4/09
1221 Warren, Sussex, Passaic, Morris Looking to lease at least 5 acres (more over time) preferably near a watercourse to cultivate evergreens for sale as Christmas trees, and eventually lease/use more land to cultivate hardwoods (i.e. native species like walnut, sugar-maple, red-maple, sycamore, etc.) for sale to nurseries or enviro-restoration/remediation companies. Also interested in partnership opportunities with interested landowners to do this. Phone: 973-998-0394; Email: 4/09
1220 Burlington I'm looking for an opportunity to work on a dairy farm to gain more experience in planting crops, operating the milking equipment, etc. I'm looking for something like a part-time apprenticeship, and to work for someone after my regular job. I can operate any type of equipment/machinery. Ultimately, I'd like to operate my own dairy with its own dairy bar on the premises (e.g Emmons, Sunnyside). Phone: 609-680-4059. 3/09
1218 Warren, Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon Seeking apprenticeship or emplyment on a farm to gain experience (part time), and also interested in transition to ownership opportunities. Interested in organic farming techniques of orchards, fruits, and vegetables on any size farm. Experience with heirloom and native species gardens. Phone: 908-872-3934; Email: 2/09
1216 Monmouth, Ocean Looking to purchase a 10-20 acre farm to start a new farm operation, which would involve greenhouses for growing vegetables, flowers, etc., and possibly pick your own pumpkins. Phone: 732-477-2813; Email: 2/09
1214 Morris, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Somerset Looking to lease 5-20 acres to start nursery stock-greenhouse and fruit-vegetable operations, possibly field crops too. Also interested in partnership and employment opportunities to gain experience with nursery production, etc. I currently own a landscaping business. Phone: 973-252-1452; Email: 2/09
1204 South Jersey Looking to least 10-20 acres for a tree fruit nursery/orchard. This would be for the production of apples, peaches, and plums. A tomato flats production area would also be included. 9/08 Phone: 609-488-1480; Email: 
1203 Burlington Horticulturalist/marketer/dreamer looking to purchase or lease about 20 acres for a fresh-market speciality herb and vegetable farm. House preferrable but willing to build if necessary/possible. Must be able to erect a greenhouse for young plants. 9/08 Phone: 267-278-5641; Email: 
1202 Central Jersey Looking for a horse farm or farm (to lease or lease/purchase) to relocate my horses and horse business to. I do breeding, training, and lessons. Must have a barn, outbuildings, sheds, etc. (could convert dairy barns if needed), and looking for place with a house for possible permanent occupancy. 8/08 Phone: 609-923-4288; Email: 
1199 Within 2 hours of NYC Looking for long-term lease (possibly with option to buy) of at least 10 acres to grow organic vegetables and fruit. I am a 10 years resident in greater New York with over 10 years farming experience in China. Prefer fertile soils of medium-to-well-drained capacity, pH between 5 and 8, basic facilities like water and electricity, and a location within a 2 hours drive from New York City. 5/08 Phone: 646-339-0803 (daytime), 718-396-2186 (evening); Email:; Fax: 212-673-5186
1191 Burlington, Salem, Cumberland Looking for additional farmland to rent to expand my business. I am at a young age (22) and want to make farming a career. I also want to keep agriculture a big part of New Jersey. I've been farming for 5 years and currently farm grain, hay/straw and pumpkins. I also have an interest in farm ground with barns and storage. 3/08 Phone: (h) 609-268-9529, (c) 609-320-5517
1189 All counties Looking for 5-20 acres to lease to grow cut flowers and vegetables. Need well or pond for irrigation, and electricity. Prefer light soil like san-loan with good drainage. 2/08 Phone: 718-312-9353; Email:; Fax: 347-713-5834
1177 Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Passaic

We are a young couple with a son born March 2007 and are looking for to purchase, or long-term lease, at least 100 acres of open land that can be certified organic/biodynamic. We are currently farming in MA but are looking to relocate. We already have a dairy herd, swine herd, and poultry (certified organic). We just need a place to put our roots down and create a traditional mixed farm. We currently direct market, meats, eggs, raw dairy products, and vegetables. We have experience with barn building/repair, land clearing, and animal husbandry and field crops. Some woodlands and water would be ideal. 8/07 Phone: 413 477-8234; Email:

1176 South Jersey In search of 5-10 acres for a perennial and ornamental grass farm accompanied by a landscape nursery design center. I have an established design business that I would like to operate on the farm while tending for started plants which will be grown in ground for a season and then potted for sale to over 100 custom homes along with a joint business venture providing urban area plant sales at Jersey Short flea markets along with open house plant sales at the farm. 8/07 Phone: 609-892-4631; Email:
1166 All counties, but prefer south Jersey We are a young couple with six years of experience growing organic vegetables, flowers, and berries near Washington, D.C. We are interested in moving our farm operation to a larger farm in a more rural area. We are open to long term lease, manager positions, or standard sale opportunities. 4/07 Phone: 301-627-6211; Email: 
1163 Burlington, Atlantic, Camden (Waterford Twp. area) I currently raise grain crops to support the family dairy operation (main farm in Vincetown, satellite farm in Waterford) and am looking for additional acreage to lease and farm. I would grow field crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, rye, etc. 3/07 Phone: (h) 609-859-2140, (c) 609-410-9643
1150 Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Cumberland I am looking to lease property to grow pumpkins for the 2007 growing season, 5-15 acres to start but would consider expanding over time. I have many years of experience working on a vegetable farm. If possible I would prefer land that had never had pumpkins or peppers grown on it, and someone who has a tractor and/or equipment to borrow. I would consider a partnership too. I also have a pesticide license. 1/07 Phone: 856-424-6421; Email: 
1156 Cumerbland, Salem, Gloucester 3rd Times a Charm Farm seeking anywhere from 5-100 acres of farmland (short or long-term lease) to expand our farm business. We have a livestock farm and are seeking land to grow field crops, primarily hay, rye, wheat, corn, soybeans, etc. Any barns or buildings available for storage of hay/equipment would be a plus. 1/07 Phone: 856-447-3209; Email:
1153 Salem, Gloucester, northern Cumberland Young farmer seeking 2-5 acres to buy (or lease-with-option-to-buy). Planning to start an organic diverse vegetable, herb, and flower farm modeled after the farm I've been working on. (Very little mechanization is involved; I have devised field plan that can be done by hand, by one person, on about an acre of land.) Hope is to be in the proximity of Philadelphia, for markets (farmers' markets, etc.) and to be close to my family and hometown. I have ample experience in the type of growing I plan to do, and I am looking forward to starting my own small business. 12/06 Phone: 215-379-0361; Email:
1152 Central and southern Jersey Active farmer seeking 60-100+ acres to buy or sign long-term on. Currently growing truck vegetables, sod, and grapes. Pinelands OK. Also interested in partnership perhaps, willing to discuss your thoughts and plans. 10/06 Email:
1149 Monmouth, Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon I have grown Chinese vegetables for years and am now looking for another farm to relocate my business to. I'm looking to either buy or obtain a long-term lease. Looking for 100-acres of tillable land preferably with a large barn, a house, and a good water source like a river or spring, as my crops require much water. 10/06 Email:
1148 All counties Looking to purchase 20-200 acres to start a new farm operation in my retirement. 9/06 Phone: 732-742-8460
1144 Central and northern Jersey Aspiring farmer looking to lease or purchase approximately 30 acres to raise fruits and vegetables, with some animals and possibly horses. A barn would be helpful. 9/06 - How to get contact information for this person 
1143 Burlington, Atlantic, and south Jersey Couple with 40 years of farming experience looking for a farm in a rural area to relocate to. Interested in lease-with-option-to-purchase opportunities. Our farm operation will be a mixture of hay, equine uses, and other livestock such as dairy goats and chickens, and eggs. Would need a small house for the two of us. 8/06 Phone: 856-753-3420
1142 Burlington, Mercer, Camden, Gloucester, Salem We are seeking a large parcel (100+ acres) to operate a for-profit hunting/grain crop operation. A mixture of woodland and tillable acres, somewhere around 50-50, is preferable. Would also prefer water on the property. Hunting operation component will focus on opportunities for youth and families. 8/06 Email:
1141 Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon Small group of individuals looking to lease a few acres for a large community garden (vegetables, flowers, etc.). Space should have an adequate water supply and enough protection from wild animals like deer and rabbits. 8/06 Email:; Phone: 732-302-0296
1135 Burlington, Mercer, Atlantic, Camden, Ocean Looking for apprenticeship or employment opportunity to gain experience and understanding of vegetable and nursery farming in NJ, with long-term goal of leasing/purchasing a farm to start a new family farm business. I have some experience with these crops, having grown up on a farm in India, and my father was an agricultural professional at the Punjab University. 7/06 Phone: 609-747-8299; Email: 
1134 Monmouth, Ocean, Hunterdon, Warren Looking for a small farm of about 5 acres to start a horse boarding facility. Interested in purchase and lease opportunities. 7/06 Email:
1133 All counties, but prefer north and central Jersey I am an experienced and established vegetable farmer and greenhouse operator in Essex County. For more than 30 years, I had a successful vegetable and flower retail operation until the owner sold the property (in 2006) and I was forced to relocate. I'm looking to continue my retail operation in northern, central, or southern Jersey. I would like to purchase or lease 10-50 tillable acres on a busy road with good water supply. No existing buildings necessary but land should ideally be appropriate to build a home, roadside stand, and greenhouses. 6/06 Phone: 973-575-0765; Fax: 973-433-4182 Email: 
1132 Ocean, Middlesex, Monmouth, Camden I would like to breed alpacas (specializing in certain colors) as well as agist (i.e. board) alpacas. I am looking for at least 5 acres to get started and am willing to work with a small parcel of that size in the short term (leasing for under 5 years). My goal is to lease or purchase up to 20 acres for my breeding and agisting operation. 6/06 Email:
1131 North Jersey, Monmouth, Burlington, Camden, Salem, Atlantic,
Cape May
Interested in a farm or farming opportunity (long-term lease, purchase, or partnership) on 5-20 acres to produce mainly fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Also interested in livestock, such as cows and hens. I currently own 7 produce stands in NYC and am interested in getting into other parts of the profession, especially producing my own product. I am a member of the NYC Terminal Produce Market, which is also currently my main supplier. 6/06 Phone: 973-851-7519; Email:
1130 Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Cape May I'm seeking a preserved farm of at least 50 acres (to purchase) in order to move my Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) operation from PA to NJ. I raise beef cattle entirely on forage; cow/calf through grass finishing. I also raise goats, chickens, and turkey, all on pasture. The ideal farm would be a combination of hay fields and pasture. Water and a small amount of woods would be acceptable, and a farmhouse would be a big plus. Other outbuildings would be nice, but the MIG operation doesn't require much equipment. 6/06 Email: 
1128 Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington Family looking for a few acres (3-5) to raise Olde English Babydoll sheep for wool. Would also like to raise chickens for eggs, and have a vegetable and herb area without pesticides. Want to have children come and learn to weave, spin, care for animals, and grow produce - would be great for 4H and clubs. 6/06 Phone: 732-252-5020 Email:
1127 Monmouth, Mercer, Hunterdon Seeking to purchase a small farm, 25-50 acres, to grow berries, sod, wine grapes, and possibly nursery stock. 6/06 Phone: 732-447-7053; Fax: 732-671-5094; Email:
1099 Most counties Looking for an existing dairy farm with a land base of 50 to 75 acres to rent. Farm does not have to be in optimal condition - will consider making improvements to farm with potential. Cows are not required, but I would consider purchasing an existing herd. 8/05 - Updated 6/06 Phone: 845-304-2052; Email:
1124 Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris Looking for a small property (to purchase or lease-purchase) where we could relocate, board a few horses, and have a small part-time vegetable produce operation and farm stand. 4/06 Phone: 973-993-9363; Email:
1123 Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, Burlington New farmer looking to purchase a small to medium-sized farm, 10-50 acres, ideally with a house, outbuildings, and greenhouse. At least 30% tillable crop land and irrigation water a plus. We envision our business to be a mix of nursery/greenhouse crops and field crops. Interested in working with a retiring farmer to gain experience while continuing the existing operation. 4/06 Phone: 732-446-4400; Email:
1120 Burlington Looking to purchase 40-200 acres to start a new diversified farm operation, including fruits and vegetables, eggs, equine, and field crops. 3/06 Email:
1119 Bergen, Monmouth, Middlesex, Somerset, Mercer, Warren Looking to lease, lease-with-option-to-purchase, or purchase 20+ acres as a site to farm a herd of swine from 200 to 1000 head. 3/06 Phone: 201-863-3035
1116 Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, northern Burlington Highly-skilled and organized full-time farmer in central Jersey looking for land to lease, lease-purchase, or buy. Available farmland must be 50 tillable acres or greater. The land is needed to help expand a first-class field crops operation which includes corn, soybeans, and sod. I have 15 years experience and an extensive agricultural background, with expertise in all areas of farm management and stewardship. 2/06 Phone: 732-513-1599; Fax: 609-897-7878
1111 Atlantic, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland Looking to buy 20 or more acres for a horse boarding/training facility, preferably cleared land with a house or barn on the property. All reasonable price-properties considered. 1/06 Phone: 609-729-4096; Email:
1109 South or central Jersey Looking to purchase a 40-80 acre farm in south or central Jersey (within 1 hour of Philadelphia) to start a fruit and vegetable and nursery/greenhouse operation. Interested in farms that have a house to live in. 10/05 Email:
1105 Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Burlington, Warren Specialty landscaper looking to grow his own plants. Seeking a standard sale of a farm or portion of an existing farm. Open to all possibilities, including lease with option to buy. Interested in farms with at least 5 acres, with or without a house. 9/05 Phone: 732-346-1954; Fax: 732-346-1326; Email:
1103 Central Jersey Experienced shitake mushroom grower looking for 10-50 acres to grow mushrooms in greenhouses. A building on site is preferred. Electricity is necessary. A well is desired. Interested in short-term lease, long-term lease, and lease with option to buy opportunities. 8/05 Phone: 732-863-9182;
1102 Atlantic, Gloucester Looking to purchase 20-50 acres in south Jersey to raise mainly fruits and vegetables, and my family. 8/05- How to get contact information for this person 
1098 Somerset, Warren, Hunterdon Experienced horse woman seeking 10+ acres for equine boarding facility, to buy or on tenure. We will either build or renovate existing buildings to include a 20-stall barn, indoor and outdoor arenas, and pasture fencing. Additional land considered for haymaking. All arrangements considered. Email: 8/05
1096 Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Mercer I grew up on and worked on a mixed farm (horses, livestock, vegetables). I'm looking for a small farm to do something similar with, to have trees, vegetables, and possibly horses. Part-time at first, then leading to full-time. Central Jersey location preferred. Looking to purchase or lease with option to purchase the farm. 8/05- How to get contact information for this person 
1094 Most counties Looking to lease 10 acres to start a pastured poultry operation. Prefer farms within 2 hours of New York City. Housing on the farm is essential. I have experience with poultry, dairy, and beef cattle. No existing buildings necessary, but land should be appropriate to build temporary chicken houses. 8/05 Phone: 212-788-7476; Email:
1093 Most counties Looking for +/-100 acres for vegetable farm. Long-term lease of lease purchase preferable, as is convenient location to sell products in NYC or Philadelphia markets. Also interested in working with an established farmer (i.e. apprenticeship or employment) to gain experience. 7/05- How to get contact information for this person 
1092 Most counties I am looking for a farm (of at least 10 acres) or farming opportunity to start a new farm business. I plan to create an organic produce and fruit farm and also raise poultry for eggs. I have an extensive agricultural and environmental background and have spent my entire life on my family's farm, and I would like to have the same experience for my own family in the future. 7/05 - Phone: 609-965-1601; Fax: 609-965-2603; Email:
1090 Monmouth, Burlington, Ocean, Mercer, Hunterdon Two hardworking, dependable brothers seeking a purchasing and/or partnership opportunity on a 20-acre Standardbred horse farm with house, barn, paddocks, and 1/2 mile training track. Interested in opportunities in Monmouth, Burlington, Ocean, Mercer, or Hunterdon County. Looking to live and work on the land and do the farming. 7/05 Phone: 718-649-1766
1086 Mercer Sheep pasture needed in Hopewell Twp. - looking to lease 5 or more acres. Small breeding flock of herding/hair sheep (ram, lambs, and ewes) in need of small pasture, with or without shed/barn/fence, which can be provided. 6/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1084 Cumberland, Salem Beginning farmer looking to start a small fruit and vegetable farm on 20 acres in Cumberland or Salem County. I'm interested in lease-purchase and purchase opportunities. Also interested in partnership, apprenticeship, and farm employment opportunities to gain farming experience. 6/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1083 Most counties We are looking to lease or lease-purchase a farm from 5-20 acres to grow mushrooms and Asian vegetables. Prefer farms that are within 2 hours of NYC, and desire housing/water/electrical service. Also interested in farm-share, partnership, and farm manager opportunities. We have 10 year experience in growing mushrooms and Asian vegetables. 6/05 Phone: 917-703-5366

Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset, Burlington,

Experienced vegetable farmer looking to relocate and purchase a farm with 60-100 tillable acres. Soils should be suitable for growing vegetables and fruit trees. Prefer farms with easy access to the New Jersey Turnpike or other major arteries that link to New York and Philadelphia. 6/05 Phone: 973-490-8208;
1077 Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset Looking to purchase approximately 100 acres of farmland for an equine operation. We are interested in land located in Hunterdon, Morris, or Somerset County. The property need not have farm buildings, as we can construct our own. Easy access to the farm preferred. 5/05 Phone: 908-334-4004; Email:
1074 Hunterdon, Monmouth, Mercer, Burlington Looking to establish an equine business (training, riding academy) geared toward show horses. Would consider lease, lease-purchase, or purchase opportunities, and open to partnership arrangements. I have extensive experience with horses (lifetime involvement) and background in sales, marketing, and management. 5/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1072 Burlington, Monmouth Looking to purchase an existing farm of at least 100 acres, in Burlington or Monmouth County, to raise field crops. We would require a residence on the farm. 5/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1071 Gloucester Established farmer looking to purchase up to 300 acres to expand my south Jersey farm operation (field crops, trees). Primarily interested in farms in the Gloucester County area. 5/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1066 Most counties We successfully operated an equine boarding and breeding facility in upstate NY for 7 years. (The owner recently decided to sell the property to a developer, and we have been forced to relocate.) We are looking to operate an equine and kennel business in a new location, by leasing land from someone interested in this business venture. 4/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1064 Most counties I would like to plant a walnut orchard on 100 acres or more. Need land on a slope with deep soil. I have no need for housing or farm structures. I'm looking to either purchase or lease with option to purchase the farmland, possibly working with the existing farmer for a couple of years before the transfer is complete. I would be happy to receive your input or inquiry. 4/05
Phone: 973-292-1447; Email:
1059 Mercer, Monmouth, Burlington, Ocean Looking to purchase 50-100 acres to continue building our equine operation (breeding, training). 3/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1058 South Jersey Looking to purchase 60-150 acres in south Jersey to expand my current farming operation, which includes horse breeding, fruits and vegetables, and a large variety of hay and straw. 3/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1057 Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean We are looking to purchase or lease with option to purchase an existing farm in preservation or on its way, so as to expand our current nursery operation to include the production of evergreens, grafted conifers, and larger shade and ornamental tress. An existing home with garage and outbuildings is essential, as is a reliable water source. 3/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1056 Central Jersey The Standardbred Retirement Foundation is looking for 30-100 acres in central Jersey to use as a permanent home for our horses that are in rehabilitation and/or are awaiting adoption. Also will have continued development of children's programs involving horses. Interested in partnership, long-term lease, and purchase opportunities. Interested in preserved farms with an exception area, on which we can locate the Foundation's office. 3/05
Phone: 732-462-8773; Fax: 732-431-9505;
1055 Central or south Jersey Looking to purchase a preserved farm of 20-100 acres in south Jersey or central Jersey to grow fruits and vegetables. Ideally farm will have organic farming background. 3/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1052 Mercer, Monmouth, Burlington, Bergen I am seeking a property in the central Jersey area to grow flowers (orchids) inside greenhouses. I would like to put up, or use, 2 acres of greenhouses to start. Eventually, in the next phase, we will grow to 5-6 acres of greenhouses to grow the orchids. 3/05
Phone: 917-868-8888; Email:
1050 Central Jersey I am looking to purchase 15 or more acres in central Jersey to expand our existing horse farm operation. No existing structures are necessary but are a plus. The ability to build a personal home or renovate an existing house on the property for my family to reside in is needed. We prefer to purchase a farm in Monmouth or Ocean County but are open to other opportunities in the central Jersey area as well. 2/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1048 Hunterdon, Middlesex, Somerset Owner of a greenhouse and nursery production farm looking for another farm 50 to 100 acres with good water supply and power. The land should be flat and well-drained. Interested in lease and purchase opportunities. 2/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1044 Central and south Jersey

Person with extensive ag academic background seeking to partner with existing operation or start-up. Have worked for the USDA NRCS and have done everything from help design Rotational Beef Operations to perfect no-till vegetable systems. I am very interested in farming full-time. 2/05 Updated 3/05 - How to get contact information for this person

1043 Hunterdon, Somerset I am looking for between 100 and 200 acres to buy as a home farm to base my operation in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. I'm also looking for long term leases in the area. Because I grow hay and straw, the leases would need to be for a minimum of 5 years. I have a well-established operation selling approximately 1000 bales of hay and straw per week to the equine market. 2/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1042 Most counties

Great Performances, a New York City-based catering and event planning company, is seeking agricultural land in NJ to launch a farm in collaboration with organic farmer Faud Aziz. The farm's mission will be: 1) to provide seasonal supply of fresh local fruit and vegetables for Great Performances, and 2) to serve as an agriculture education resource center focusing on farm-to-table and urban-rural connections, health and nutrition, and environmental awareness. We're open to lease, partnership, and standard sale opportunities. 2/05 - How to get contact information for this person

1040 Most counties We are looking for 15-20 acres to construct & operate an aquaculture and hydroponic farming facility. We are interested in the Pine Barrens/Winslow Twp area as well as any other suitable areas. 1/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1039 Most counties

We are looking to purchase or lease-purchase a small 10-50 acre farm in any NJ county, but preferably a mid-to-southern NJ county, in order to establish a small diversified organic farm. (Multiple uses would include organic foods, free range poultry, and dairy cows.) We want to encourage our family's youth interest in agriculture and proper foods, diet, and outside work. A reasonably good home on the farm would also be important. 1/05

1038 Burlington, Monmouth, Cumberland I am looking to lease or buy a farm ASAP in Burlington, Monmouth, or Cumberland County. I plan to grow fruits and vegetables (and some field crops) to satisfy the urban market. I have a diverse background in farming and agricultural produce marketing. I am looking for 25-100 acres. 1/05 - How to get contact information for this person 
1037 Passaic, Sussex, Warren,

I am interested in partnering with an existing farmer (with his current farm business or on something new) or working with a retiring farmer who is seeking someone to continue working the farm and keep it in agriculture. Interested in lease-to-own and standard purchase opportunities. I have experience with greenhouse production, cut flowers, tree farming, agri-tourism, organic livestock production, animal care, and small game hunting, as well as with business and property management. 1/05 - Updated 10/07 - Phone: 845-399-3459; Email:

1036 Somerset

We are looking for 5-10 acres in Somerset County to farm. We will most likely plant corn and soybeans, then plant cover crops for the winter. We are open to all kinds of business arrangements, and are hoping to start distilling ethanol for use in farm machinery and vehicles. 1/05 - Updated 10/05 Email:

1035 Hunterdon, Burlington Looking to purchase a preserved farm of between 60 and 200 acres. At least 50 acres tillable, suitable for soybeans, corn, and alfalfa. Burlington or Hunterdon County. Organic certified land would be especially preferred. 1/05
Phone: 732-735-4896; Email: 
1034 Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean Established vegetable and grain farm in northern Burlington County looking to lease additional acreage. Interested in farmland in Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean County. 12/04
1032 Hunterdon, Somerset, Burlington Interested in purchasing 100+ acres in Hunterdon, Somerset, or Burlington County to raise field crops and livestock. I don't require housing on the farm. 12/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1031 Central or south Jersey I'm looking for a farm in central or south Jersey to expand my small farm operation and to move my family to (to better my children's' lives). Interested in row crops, poultry, livestock, and egg production. Also interested in fig farming and raising organic heritage turkeys. Any amount of acreage is possible (20 to 200 acres). I have some experience with fruits and vegetables, poultry, and horses. 12/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1030 Burlington, Middlesex Looking for 60-200 acres in central Jersey (to lease and/or purchase) to continue our established farm operation. Looking for well-drained, sandy loam soils. Primarily interested in Burlington County, southern Middlesex County, and Upper Freehold Twp. 12/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1026 Hunterdon, Middlesex, Somerset Looking for 40-100 acres to expand/move our equine business. Require both wooded and open space. No existing buildings or structures necessary. Established business with 25 years experience. Seeking long-term lease, lease with option to buy, or standard sale. 12/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1021 Burlington Looking for at least 50 acres for a peach and apple orchard, to expand my current operation (30 acres of cut flowers). Also looking for land to grow vegetables. Interested in lease, lease with option to buy, and partnership opportunities in Burlington County. 11/04 Email:
1020 Monmouth, Mercer, Warren

We're looking to expand our farm and are seeking 50-100 acres in Monmouth, Mercer, or Warren County to raise a variety of crops (tree fruits, organic vegetables, field crops, and nursery/greenhouse plants). We're interested in long term lease, partnership, and employment/transfer-to-ownership opportunities. 11/04 Phone: 917-940-6260; Fax: 718-331-4629; Email:

1028 Most counties

Through the New Farmer Development Project (NFDP), we have a number of farmers looking for land to farm in NJ. The NFDP works with immigrants in the New York City area who have backgrounds in agriculture and who are interested in starting new farm businesses. The program's mission is "to identify, educate, and support agriculturally experienced immigrants in the NYC region to establish economically and environmentally sound, small-scale farm operations." We always have farmers looking for land. 10/04
For more information, contact Michelle Hughes, Maria Alvarez, or Kate Granger: Phone: 212-341-2256;

News article - Read a NY Times article about a participant in the New Farmer Development Project.

1027 Central Jersey Looking to lease 2-5 acres in Central Jersey to grow Asian vegetables for market. Also looking to gain experience in Asian vegetable production, and willing to work with and learn from an established farmer in this area. Housing (a room to rent) is desirable either on or near the farm. 10/04
Phone: 718-321-1568; Email:
1023 Most counties I'm looking to lease 2-5 acres to expand/establish a commercial mushroom farm. In the past, I had grown mushrooms in a number of small, rented greenhouses. I don't require any housing on the property, but electrical/water/sewage service is desired. I would also be interested in a lease-purchase arrangement. 10/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1019 Most counties Looking for 25-50 acres in any part of New Jersey to raise livestock (goat, lamb, sheep, and beef) and sell the meat. Interested in a lease, lease-purchase, or purchase arrangement. I would also need a house on the property to look after the farm. If I'm unable locate land for next season, I'm also interested in working on this type of farm to gain more experience before starting out on my own. 10/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1017 Most counties We are looking to run an equine boarding/training facility with an approximate 15 acre minimum, no maximum. We're open to any opportunity that presents itself: we would consider a purchase or lease of land, with existing structures, or without, as long as building the necessary facilities is possible. 10/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1016 Central Jersey I'm looking to establish a winery in central New Jersey. I'm open to different types of arrangements, including purchasing farmland, leasing land, or partnering with established farmers who may be interested in growing different crops (such as grapes) or getting started in the wine business. At the least, I'm looking for a moderate amount of farmland on which to start the business, preferably in Monmouth or Middlesex County. 10/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1015 Monmouth, Burlington I currently operate a family farm (vegetables and sod) and am looking to purchase farmland to expand the business and own my own farm. I'm interested in purchasing (and/or long-term leasing, or lease-purchasing) up to 400 acres in the Monmouth and Burlington County areas. I grew up in farming and have worked on the farm most of my life. 10/04 Phone: 609-209-0983


Passaic, Sussex, Morris, Somerset, Middlesex Experienced farmer (field crops, hay, honey, ornamentals, some vegetables) looking for 10-100 acres in north/central Jersey. My goals are to establish a working farm producing organic vegetables and honey, and to use the farm as a teaching farm where children and adults can learn an appreciation of the environment, about their place in the world, and about agriculture and horticulture. Interested in a lease, partnership, sale, or other arrangement. 10/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1013 Middlesex, Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon, Warren Looking to buy or lease with option to buy 30-100 acres with tillable crop/pasture land in central/north Jersey. I'm planning to raise livestock and horses. The land must have a residence or opportunity to build a residence. 10/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1012 Central or south Jersey We're looking to lease or lease-purchase about 5-20 acres in central or south Jersey to continue growing vegetables for an ethnic market. We need land for the 2006 growing season and beyond. Access to a greenhouse and nearby access to water is preferred, as is access to equipment (to rent for plowing purposes, from the same or a neighboring farmer). Also interested in partnership opportunities and farm manager positions. (10/04) Updated 8/05
Phone: 215-879-4091; Email:
1011 Salem

Looking to buy 20-100 acres in Salem County to grow high quality orchard grass as feed for horses. I would need (or would build) a storage barn for bales of hay, and I would prefer farms that came with a residence or opportunity to build a house. 10/04
Phone: 609-638-7770

1010 Morris, Burlington, Central Jersey I'm looking for 5-20 acres to grow vegetables for market. I'm looking to lease the land, but I am also open to farm-share, partnership, farm manager, or similar positions to gain more farming experience. 10/04 - How to get contact information for this person 
1009 South Jersey Seeking to lease or lease-purchase 50-100 acres in south Jersey to expand our family hog farm. We're looking for farmland with sandy soil and that is in a rural area (such as adjacent to state land) with few houses nearby. 10/04 Phone/fax: 856-848-7111
1008 Burlington and surrounding counties I'm looking to purchase, lease-purchase, or long-term lease (10+ years) about 100 acres of prime farmland in or around Burlington County. I need the land to expand my current nursery operation. Farmland with access to a water source is preferred, as is land that comes with a house or housing opportunity. 10/04


Burlington, Cumberland, Ocean, Atlantic,
Cape May

Professional winemaker/grape grower seeking suitable acreage (20-40 acres) to establish vineyards and a potential winery. Would prefer a standard sale, but would also consider a lease-purchase agreement. I have a farming background and 30+ years professional experience in wine making and grape growing. 10/04
Phone: 609-668-2854; Fax: 609-801-0492

  Various counties Additional sites, such as, sometimes also have listings of people seeking farming opportunities.
1126 Central Jersey Looking to purchase or lease 20-50 acres to start an organic CSA farm. 12/08 - Opportunity found
1211 All counties Looking to lease 50-100 acres to expand my operation and grow hot peppers, edible pumpkins, and watermelon. Would prefer a farm where housing is available. Also interested in farm manager positions. 12/08 - Opportunity found
1091 Monmouth, Burlington, Ocean Nursery looking to expand with purchase of 100+ preserved acres in Monmouth, Burlington, or Ocean Counties. Prefer no house or other major structures. 7/05 - Opportunity found
1089 South Jerssy Interested in acquiring 5-15 acres of farmland suitable for growing wine grapes and eventually supporting a farm winery operation. Location to the major shore tourist routes in south Jersey would be desirable. Our current vineyard will be entered into the preservation program this year. 7/05 - Opportunity found

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