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Available Grants

Grant Title Eligibility Application
Due Date
NJ School Improvement Grant (SIG)-Cohorts 4 and 4R-Year 2 of 5 LEAs awarded in year 1 6/29/2017
Preparing Students with IEPs for Life in the Community, Integrated Employment and Post-School Success-Continuation-Year 2 of 3 Bergenfield, Union City, Morris-Union Jointure Commission 6/27/2017
NJ School Improvement Grant (SIG) Cohort 3-Year 4 of 5 Paterson Public Schools 6/22/2017
CTSO: Distributive Education Clubs of America-Delta Epsilon Chi-(DECA)-Year 4 of 4 Continuation Kean University 6/15/2017
CTSO: Family, Career and Consumer Leaders of America (FCCLA)-Year 4 of 4 Continuation Edison Township School District 6/15/2017
CTSO: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)-Phi Beta Lambda-Year 4 of 4-Continuation Rutgers School of Business 6/15/2017
21st Century Community Learning Centers-Training and Technical Assitance-Competitive NJ Public or Private agencies, non-profit orgs, institutions of higher education and for-profit agencies 5/25/2017