Mercer County has recognized the importance of the global economy. The County is an established FTZ with 1,600 acres currently utilized in the communities of East Windsor, Ewing and Robbinsville.

In addition to assisting existing businesses in our County, this expansion of the FTZ in these municipalities will enhance the economic development opportunities to attract new businesses to relocate in our region.

The designation of Mercer County Airport as a General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone allows Mercer County to join approximately 185 other U.S. communities in meeting the opportunities that a new Global World offers.

The zone offers Mercer County businesses with the opportunity to enhance their global competitiveness by offering financial advantages to companies who operate under Foreign Trade Zone procedures. These advantages include:

  • Warehousing imported goods in the zone defers duty and improves cash flow.
  • No United States duty is assessed when re-importing goods from the zone to foreign countries.
  • Processing goods within the zone can eliminate or lower tariffs.
  • Inspecting and testing goods within the zone can reduce duties.
  • Lower insurance costs.

For more information on the Foreign Trade Zone please call the Office at (609) 989-6555.