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The Mercer County Workforce Investment Board WIB features the County's most prominent business leaders, including CEO's, presidents, and directors from such organizations as: the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce; Horizon New Jersey; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Verizon; Sun National Bank; and many other successful small businesses and non-profit organizations. The WIB provides professional insight by guiding workforce programs and services that are capable of responding to the changing workforce needs of businesses and additional skill development of workers.

Our mission is to develop, through public/private partnerships, a quality workforce, which successfully meets employers' hiring needs and ensures the employm ent and advancement of jobseekers.

For more information on the Mercer County Workforce Investment Board and to get involved, please contact WIB by phone at: (609) 989-6827 or email at: wib@mercercounty.org.

*The Mercer County Workforce Investment Board Three Year Strategic Plan 2014-2017 is available for a 30 day public comment time period.
 Please direct any comments or questions to the Mercer County Workforce Investment Board at wib@mercercounty.org