The Office of County Adjuster is responsible for assisting in the cost of care and maintenance for indigent, mentally ill residents of Mercer County.  The Office reviews all documents relating to patient admissions with regards to maintenance cost, confirms that Court orders are processed, ensures that patient residency requirements are investigated and certifies billing summaries that are calculated and processed on a client-by-client basis.  In addition, the Office is law enforcement’s point of contact for confidential records and assists all Mercer County police departments by reviewing the involuntary psychiatric hospitalization history of any person applying for a gun permit.

The County Adjuster is an active member of the Mercer County Board of Social Services and is responsible for the oversight of programs, activities and operations of same.

County Adjuster Staff
Arthur R. Sypek, Jr., County Adjuster

Doreen Spoto, Assistant County Adjuster

Gladys Cruz-Wollover, Principal Clerk Typist

Sharon Kovacs, Senior Clerk Typist

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