Contact: Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. - When is a walk in the woods not just a walk in the woods? When it's a naturalist-led tour sponsored by the Mercer County Park Commission.

Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes and the Park Commission announce a exciting new lineup of park nature programs that promise to shed new light on what's always been right in our residents' back yards: a park system second to none.

Mercer County's park trails have always been well traveled, but under the guidance of the Mercer County naturalist, users will be encouraged to spot the salamander, gander at our diverse waterfowl population or ramble off the beaten path.

"These new programs are a great way for people who love our parks to expand their exploration and for people new to our parks to receive an orientation from our trained staff. Our goal is to provide our park visitors with the best experience available, Hughes said."

Program offerings vary, from brisk trail hikes at Baldpate Mountain to pond explorations and discovery-oriented preschool programs. "Sunday Strolls" are relaxed, family-oriented trailside programs, and "Tuesday Treks" are invigorating hikes. The nature programs and activities are simple yet exciting, and there are activities for all ages.

Spring is right around the corner; the time of new life and new beginnings. Mercer County invites all to share in the spirit of spring and try a new activity — outdoors. For a full list of programs, go to
or call (609) 989-6540.