MEDIA CONTACT: Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

TRENTON, N.J. - Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes congratulates Donna Giovannetti, Chief of Mercer’s Division of Consumer Affairs, for being elected President of County and Municipal Consumer Agencies of New Jersey (CAMCA).

“I am proud that Mercer County employees are driven to give their best at work, in addition to sharing their knowledge, their skills and their leadership abilities with outside organizations,” said Hughes. “I know that Donna will excel in her role leading CAMCA’s efforts to protect consumers throughout New Jersey.”

CAMCA is a statewide consumer advocacy organization that works to ensure consumer protection through education, legislation, and the promulgation of regulations. Its membership includes county and municipal consumer office directors from throughout New Jersey, as well as representatives from the State Division of Consumer Affairs, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Postal Service and other consumer-related agencies. CAMCA’s membership creates statewide task forces when needed. During the past two years inspections were conducted regarding used car sales, item pricing and expired products, and work on Superstorm Sandy scams is continuing, Giovannetti said.

“I’m honored to be chosen by my peers to be President of our statewide organization,” said Giovannetti, who just finished serving two terms as CAMCA’s vice president and previously served as its president. “I’m looking forward to the many challenges we face in the coming year.”

Mercer County Consumer Affairs, where Giovannetti has been employed in various positions for the past 30 years, is a law enforcement agency that handles complaints from Mercer County consumers against local businesses, and works to protect consumers against fraudulent business practices through the NJ Consumer Fraud Act. The department serves the more than 365,000 Mercer County residents with consumer counseling and education, as well as offering complaint resolution services. While the department’s jurisdiction concerns mostly Mercer County businesses, referral services are provided to assist all Mercer County consumers.

Consumers who have a concern about a business or service in Mercer County can contact the Division of Consumer Affairs at (609) 989-6671.