MEDIA CONTACT: Julie Willmot
(609) 278-7137

— People aren’t the only creatures out there excited to see this winter’s accumulation of snow disappear. After back-breaking hours of shoveling walks and driveways and tending a woodstove, you may feel as though you have earned spring. However, the real victors of winter are the wildlife, many of which performed amazing feats just to survive.

Appreciate these animal achievements and meet a few of these winter-adapted animals when Mercer County Naturalist Jenn Rogers and Jane Rakos-Yates of the County Wildlife Center present “Welcome Back Wildlife” on Sunday, March 30, at the Wildlife Center.

The program will explore the concepts of hibernation and migration with an interactive presentation and the appearance of several of the Wildlife Center’s education animals. The live animal demonstration will include an up-close look at a few animals that spend winter in hibernation and will feature the hawk that performs the longest annual migration -- a flight that averages more than 4,000 miles!

The family-oriented program will take place from noon to 2 p.m. inside the Wildlife Center’s education room. The program costs $6 per person.

The Wildlife Center is located on Route 29 in Hopewell Township, approximately 2.5 miles south of Lambertville. The driveway for the center is just south of the Mercer County Correction Center.

For more information about this and other nature programs offered by the Mercer County Park Commission, call (609) 303-0706 or visit the Park Commission website