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Weyerhaeuser TJI Joists w/ Flak Jacket Protection - Guidance (08/30/17)
UPDATE - 11/06/17 -- It has been reported to the Department that problems have occurred with the Flak Jacket protection: both cracking or delaminating of the Flak Jacket protection due to exposure to weather (unrelated to the remediation) and cracking or flaking of the top coating (W20115 paint) applied to address the formaldehyde emissions. Because the testing performed for the ICC-ES report (ESL-1091) did not involve coating with cracks or other damage, it is not known whether this cracking impacts fire protection. Accordingly, the guidance issued on August 30 should be followed. Compliance with the requirements of Section R302.13 of the IRC/2015 should be required.
Elevator "Routine (6-month) Inspections" Eliminated (effective 07/03/17)
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