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In 1975, the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code Act established the Department of Community Affairs as the primary building codes and standards agency in the State. The Act provided for a single, mandatory construction code and for a fundamental restructuring of the enforcement process. Hence, the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (UCC), NJAC 5:23 et seq. was adopted and became effective January 1, 1977.

The Bureau of Construction Project Review performs reviews and issues releases of plans for specific types of buildings, building components and structures within the State of New Jersey.

In addition to providing plan review, the State Buildings unit also issues the required Construction Permits for all construction projects on state-owned property.

Bureau Mailing Address

The Bureau's mailing address is:
  NJDCA - Div. of Codes and Standards
  Bureau of Construction Project Review
  PO Box 817, 101 S. Broad St., 4th fl.
  Trenton, NJ 08625-0817

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1. In What Instances is Bureau Review and Release Required?

The Bureau of Construction Project Review is required to perform plan review in municipalities where the subcode officials and construction official do not possess code enforcement licenses of the appropriate class. The construction class of the particular municipality can be obtained through either the municipality's construction office, administrative offices, or by calling the Office of Regulatory Affairs at (609) 984-7672.

In accordance with the UCC, submission to the Bureau for plan review must be made if the proposed project is: 

  • Class 1: A Bureau plan review and release is required prior to the issuance of a construction permit unless the construction official and each appropriate subcode official in the municipal enforcing agency is certified as a HHS construction official or subcode officials [see NJAC 5:23-4.3A(d) for agency classification];
  • Class 2: A Bureau plan review and release is required prior to the issuance of a construction permit unless the construction official and each appropriate subcode official in the municipal enforcing agency is certified as a HHS or ICS construction official or subcode official [see NJAC 5:23-4.3A(d) for agency classification]; or
  • Class 3: A Bureau plan review shall not be required except when the Department acts as the enforcing agency. Application should be made to the local construction office, not the Department [see NJAC 5:23-4.3A(d) for agency classification].

In addition to the above categories, all plans for the following structures must be submitted to the Department for review and release:

  • Electrical generating stations and substations, including nuclear;
  • Incineration plants;
  • Solid waste disposal plans;
  • Class I and Class II structures where required in accordance with NJAC 5:23-4.3A and NJAC 5:23-4.24(b)2;
  • Casino hotels;
  • Public mausoleums, vaults, crypts and other structures intended to hold or contain human remains;
  • All premanufactured systems for Class I and Class II structures, other than those authorized to be approved by an inplant inspection agency licensed to perform Class I and Class II plan review as provided in NJAC 5:23-4A.10, and all on-site installation of Class I and Class II premanufactured construction within the jurisdiction of a local enforcing agency that is not a Class I or Class II agency, as the case may be;
  • Health care facilities as defined in NJAC 5:23-1.4;
  • Public school facilities as defined in NJAC 5:23-1.4;
  • Prototype plans intended for use in more than one municipality;
  • High level alarm systems in terminals, as defined in NJSA 52:27D-214;
  • Billboards located on land owned or controlled by any state, county or local department, agency, board, commission, authority, or instrumentality;
  • State-owned structures, unless delegated to other agencies by memoranda of understanding; and
  • Stadiums, arenas and theaters with an occupant load of 5000 or greater.

Once a release, either partial or complete, is obtained from the Bureau, the municipalities will issue the appropriate permit(s) and perform inspections so that construction may ensue.

2. How long will the review of submitted plans take?

The first review of a complete submittal will be done within twenty (20) business days from the date received. Subsequent reviews for corrections to the plans in response to comments will be done within seven (7) business days from the date received.

Amended plans (revised after the plans have been released) are treated as new projects and are reviewed within twenty (20) business days.

3. What constitutes a complete submittal?

A complete submittal utilizing a paper payment will include all of the following: A completed Project Review Application,Project scope of work, a completed Plan Review Fee Schedule, a signed/sealed letter from the design professional attesting that the electronic documents were developed under their supervision, and the accompanying check/money order covering the computed fee, one complete set of Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Protection plans and specifications with all information as noted in the DCA Instructions for Plan Review Application.

A complete submittal utilizing epayment will include:  Complete and correct information regarding project, epayment, scope of work, and drawings all to be uploaded by the applicant at

4. Are the Plan Review Application and the Plan Review Fee Schedule available on the Internet?

Yes. These forms can be accessed by the links below.

5. How will I be notified when the review is completed?

When the review of a project is completed, one of the following will take place:

If the submittal for the proposed project does not meet the requirements of the NJUCC, comments citing areas of non-compliance is sent by e-mail message to the project coodinator of the proposed project. These comments must be addressed in a follow-up submission before the project can be released for permitting.
-- OR --
If the submittal for the proposed project meets all of the requirements of the NJUCC, an e-mail is sent to the Project Coordinator of the proposed project indicating a partial release.

6. What is the next step after DCA has released my plans?

The signed and sealed released plans must be taken to the building department in the municipality where the project is being constructed. The municipality will issue the permits needed for the work to begin and will perform all of the inspections required under the NJUCC during the course of construction.

Revised: 06/22/16

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