Bureau of Fire Code Enforcement

Commercial Business
Affidavit Attesting to the Application of Interior Finish Protection
TRUSS Buildings - Identifying Emblems

Selling Your Home in New Jersey

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Register Business in New Jersey

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Carnival Information

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Permit Information
Public Fireworks Permit Information
FireWork Permit Checklist

Standardized Forms - Bureau of Fire Code Enforcement 
* Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 5:71-3.7(b) *

Appeal Rights
Certificate of Code Status
Fire Code Violations
Fire Safety Permit
Fire Safety Permit Conditions
Imminent Hazard
Imminent Appeal Rights
Inspection Report
Inspection Certificate
Interagency Request Form
LEA Annual Report
LHU Inspections Certification
Log Form Penalty
Log Form Permit
Log Form Smoke CO
Log Form LHU
Log Form Non LHU
Notice of Violation
Occupant Load Sign
Order to Pay Penalty
Permit Application
Punitive Closing Appeal
Punitive Closing
Recurring Violations
Time Extension
Variance Request
Verification/Update Request

Bureau of Fire Department Services

Training & Education Unit
Attendance Roster - Recruit Firefighter Programs
Attendance Roster - Day Programs
Attendance Roster - Evening Programs
CEU Meeeting Form
Code Enforcement Certification Application Form
Eligible Organization Certification
FEMA General Admissions Application
Fire Instructor Certification Application Form
Fire Officer Application
Firefighter 1 Certification
Firefighter 2 Certification
Hazardous Materials Certification
Incident Management Certification
Live Fire Training Permit - Type A
Personal Information Form
Request to Offer Course
Renewal Certification/Certificate Application Form
Training Facility Certification

Contractor Certification Unit
New Jersey Business Permit Renewal Applications
Disability Emblems Application
Business Permit Application Form
Certification Application Form
Qualifier Verification Form
Certification Renewal Application Form