Energy Benchmarking Initiative
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Energy Benchmarking Initiative

Energy Benchmarking is the process of analyzing energy usage over time and comparing the total use to the total cost. The purpose of benchmarking the energy performance of the buildings within the HMFA portfolio is to gain a better understanding of how the buildings use their energy and whether the energy efficiency measures that have been implemented within our buildings have realized their expected energy savings. It will help us understand how our buildings are performing compared to similar buildings in other states and has implications that can guide how HMFA provides financing in the future by:
  • Identifying properties that could benefit from energy efficiency upgrades;
  • Providing guidance for future energy efficiency program development; and
  • Providing an underwriting basis for expected utility cost reduction achieved through energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.
The release forms provide HMFA access to energy usage data for the past two (2) years and for the following four (4) years. Property-specific and unit-specific details will be kept confidential.

Property Managers: please fill out the Building Owner Utility Release Form and the Energy Benchmarking Survey Form - for each building. Please assist tenants in completing the Tenant Utility Release Form.

See below for important Energy Benchmarking documents: