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General Emission Statement FAQ's

Q1: Why do I no longer receive the forms to submit my Emission Statement?
A1: All Emission Statements must be submitted electronically using the RADIUS software. The Department normally sends out a letter in January to notify facilities of their responsibility for reporting their Emission Statement. This letter is sent as a courtesy. It is the responsibility of the individual facilities to make sure that their Emission Statement is submitted on time each year.

Q2: When is my Emission Statement due?
A2: Emission Statements are due May 15, 2015.

Q3: I can not locate my Emission Statement from last year. How can I get a copy?
A3: You can request a copy of your last year's Emission Statement to be emailed to you. This request should be made by emailing the Emission Statement Program.

Q4: What are the applicability thresholds of the Emission Statement Program?
A4: The thresholds for determining if the Emission Statement Rule applies to a facility are listed in the 2010 Guidance Document on page 7. The thresholds are also listed in the Rule (N.J.A.C. 7:27-21).

Q5: What air pollutants is my facility responsible to report on the Emission Statement?
A5: For "minor" facilities, you are required to report emissions for CO, NOx, VOC, and TAPs. For "major" facilities, you are required to report emissions for CO, NOx, VOC, NH3, TSP, PM10, PM2.5, SO2, CO2, CH4 and TAPs. The Department determines if you are a "minor" or "major" facility based on your potential-to-emit of all sources at your facility.

Q6: My facility has two permit modifications, which are pending for approval. Do I submit the Emission Statement under the existing permit or the new one?
A6: The rule is that the structure of your Emission Statement should mirror your permits. In this case, your Emission Statement should reflect the actual operation of your facility. So, if your facility operated under the old permit structure, then your Emission Statement should mirror the old permit.

Q7: If I believe the Emission Statement Rule no longer applies to my facility due to a permit modification, do I have to notify the Department?
A7: You must submit a Non-Applicability letter to the Department as instructed in the 2012 Guidance Document. The Department will assess the situation and reply back to you with an approval or denial.

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