NOx Budget Proposal

Supplementary Documents

9/25/97 readme.txt

NOXBUDP.ZIP  (1.20 Mb) contains the following documents:

NOXBUDP.WP5 = Pre-register version of the NOX Budget Proposal
NOXBUDWP.ZIP = Zip version of NOXBUD5.WP5 (May work better with Netscape)
MONGUIDE.EXE = (Self-extracting file) Final Monitoring Guidance
EDR20.ZIP = Electronic Data Reporting version 2.0
INS20FIN.ZIP = Instructions for ERD
NEMVP3.PDF = One Measurement & Verification Protocol option for quantifying electricity consumption savings referenced in proposed N.J.A.C. 7:27-31.8
NOTICE.WP5 = Notice extending the public comment period

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