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RADIUSDownloading and Importing Reference Tables

  1. Download the reference table (*.rtb file) you want to import from the Reference Table Download Page.

    Note: Please be aware that some browsers may attempt to open these files instead of downloading it. If this occurs your browser will open a new window with some unrecognizable characters. If this happens, right click on the hyperlink and choose "save target as" or "save file as".

    Also, some browsers may download the file with the .zip extension.

    For example "param.rtb" may appear as "". Simply rename it to "param.rtb" to be able to import it into RADIUS.

  2. Place the reference table (*.rtb file) in a temporary folder.
  3. Open the RADIUS application.
  4. From the Tools Menu, select Import Reference Table.
  5. Select the drive, directory, and *.rtb file you want to import from the Import window.
  6. Click the "Open" button and the file will be imported.

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