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Green Commuting in New Jersey

greening your purchasesGreening Your Purchases

The difference between a car that gets 20 mpg and one that gets 30 mpg is $2,000 over 5 years (based on a cost of $2.00 per gallon of gasoline) and 10 tons of CO2 emissions.

If you have to drive on days with unhealthy air:

  • Drive your newest car, newer cars generally pollute less than older models

The better gas mileage a vehicle gets, the less fuel it burns. Less fuel burned means fewer natural resources are used and less pollution is created from the extraction and processing of the fuel. Less fuel burned also means that less carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is added to the atmosphere. The sources below will help you make an informed choice about your next purchase.

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greening your commute greening your purchases greening your trips greening your vehicle