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Green Commuting in New Jersey

greening your tripsGreening Your Trips

Combining three separate short trips (such as to a nearby bank, post office, and grocery store) into one trip every week could eliminate about 200 miles on your vehicle, and save you 10 hours and 10 gallons of gas every year.

Linking a series of short trips into one trip—trip chaining—not only gives you more free time, it's more efficient, eases traffic congestion, and reduces air pollution…which all adds up to cleaner air!

  • Do errands when there is less traffic (i.e., at night).
  • Do not idle your car (excessive is greater than 3 minutes…this is a NJ regulation!).
  • Newer model cars don’t need to be warmed up by idling.
  • Remove excess weight from your trunk, and if you have a removable roof rack and aren’t using it, take it off.
  • Accelerate and brake gradually.
  • Use cruise control or overdrive where possible.
  • Obey the speed limit.
  • Use your air conditioning only when necessary.
  • Avoid waiting in long drive-thru lines, for example, at fast-food restaurants or banks. Park your car and go in.
  • Report smoking vehicles to the DEP 24-hour Hotline – (877) WARN DEP (877 927-6337).
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