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White Papers


Reference # Topic Contact(s) Original PDF Revised/New PDF
1 SCS001 Electric Generating Peaking Units Yogesh Doshi SCS001_fin.pdf Not revised
2 SCS002 Biodiesel: An Alternative Fuel to be Considered Serpil Guran SCS002_fin.pdf Not revised
3 SCS003 ICI Boilers Aliya Khan/Sunila Agrawal SCS003_fin.pdf Not revised
4 SCS004A Process Heaters & Boilers in a Petroleum Refinery  Shafi Ahmed SCS004A_fin.pdf SCS004A_fin2.pdf
5 SCS004B Flares in a Petroleum Refinery  Shafi Ahmed SCS004B_fin.pdf SCS004B_fin2.pdf
6 SCS004C Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) in a Petroleum Refinery Shafi Ahmed SCS004C_fin.pdf SCS004C_fin2.pdf
7 SCS004D Equipment Leaks at Petroleum Refineries Shafi Ahmed N/A SCS004D_fin.pdf
8 SCS005A BPU Clean Energy Efforts and their Interactions with the NOx Trading Program  Tom McNevin SCS005A_fin.pdf Not revised
9 SCS005B Potential Emission Savings from Implementation of an Emission Portfolio Standard Joe Carpenter SCS005B_fin.pdf Not revised
10 SCS006A Coal Fired EGU Boilers Mike Hogan SCS006A_fin.pdf SCS006A_fin2.pdf
11 SCS006B No. 6 Fuel Oil-Fired EGU Boilers Mike Hogan SCS006B_fin.pdf Not revised
12 SCS007 Glass/Fiberglass Furnaces Subhash Shah SCS007_fin.pdf SCS007_fin2.pdf
13 SCS008 Asphalt Production Plants  Mike Adhanom SCS008_fin.pdf Not revised
14 SCS009 Municipal Waste Combustors (MWCs) Sunila Agrawal/Hironmoy Sikdar SCS009_fin.pdf SCS009_fin2.pdf
15 DI001 On-Road Vehicle Idling Amy Hillman DI001_fin.pdf Not revised
16 DI002 Non-Road Idling Amy Hillman DI002_fin.pdf Not revised
17 DI003 Idling Reduction for Train Engines Melinda Dower DI003_fin.pdf Not revised
18 DI004 Providing Electric Power to Ships (Cold Ironing) at the Ports  Melinda Dower DI004_fin.pdf DI004_fin2.pdf
19 DI005 Leveraging Public Contracts to Achieve Diesel Reductions  Peg Hanna DI005_fin.pdf Not revised
20 DI006 Leveraging Airport Leases to Achieve Reductions from Ground Support Equipment Bob Marcolina DI006_fin.pdf Not revised
21 DI007 Formalization Process for Choosing Voluntary Diesel Projects Peg Hanna DI007_fin.pdf Not revised
22 DI008 Use of Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel for the Maritime Sector Bob Marcolina DI008_fin.pdf Not revised
23 DI009 Early Retirement Program for Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles  Melinda Dower DI009_fin.pdf Not revised
24 DI010 Chip Reflash Peg Hanna DI010_fin.pdf Not revised
25 DI011 Opacity Cutpoint Revision Jeff Cantor DI011_fin.pdf DI011_fin2.pdf
26 DI012 Light Duty Diesel Vehicle Inspection Jeff Cantor DI012_fin.pdf Not revised
27 DI013 Medium Duty Vehicle Inspection Jeff Cantor DI013_fin.pdf Not revised
28 DI014 Control Measures for Stationary Diesel Engines Negib Harfouche/Doug Bruckman DI014_fin.pdf DI014_fin2.pdf
29 CT002 Low Income Repair Assistance Program (LIRAP) Jeff Cantor CT002_fin.pdf Not revised
30 CT003 Vehicle Trip Reduction Jeff Cantor CT003_fin.pdf Not revised
31 CT004 Efficient Vehicle Purchase Incentives/Disincentives Jeff Cantor CT004_fin.pdf Not revised
32 NA001 Encourage the USEPA to Implement More Stringent Federal Emissions Standards for New Nonroad Spark Ignited Engines Tony Iavarone NA001_fin.pdf Not revised
33 NA002 (& NA006) Increasing the Rate of Small Engine Turnovers and Portable Fuel Container Turnovers through the Use of Incentive-Based Initiatives Angela Skowronek NA002 & NA006_fin.pdf Not revised
34 NA003 Green Star Program for Landscaping Sandy Krietzman NA003_fin.pdf Not revised
35 NA004 Public Education and Outreach on Best Management Practices that will Reduce Emissions from Small Engines Stella Ononiwu NA004_fin.pdf Not revised
36 NA005 Insure Proper Disposal of Fuel Samples After Daily Aircraft Pre-Flight Checks Stella Ononiwu NA005_fin.pdf Not revised
37 NA007 Stage II Vapor Recovery Compatibility for Boat Fuelling and Marina Gasoline Fueling Facilities Tony Iavarone NA007_fin.pdf NA007_fin2.pdf
38 NA008 Variable Registration Fees for Boat Engines Sandy Krietzman NA008_fin.pdf Not revised
39 HR001 Regional Sulfur Fuel Oil Controls Ray Papalski/Danny Wong HR001_fin.pdf Not revised
        NESCAUM Report N/A
40 HR002 (& HR003) Set More Stringent Standards for Wood Stoves And Fireplace Inserts Ray Papalski HR002_fin.pdf Not revised
41 HR004 (& HR005) Wood Stove and Fireplace Insert Change-out Programs Ray Papalski HR004_fin.pdf Not revised
42 HR006 A Multi-Stage Approach to Outdoor Wood Burning Equipment Laura Scatena HR006_fin.pdf Not revised
43 HR007 A Multi-Stage Approach for Wood Burning Issues at the Local Level Laura Scatena HR007_fin.pdf Not revised
44 HR008 Investigate Changing Subchapter 2 to Decrease the Amount of Open Burning Performed Under Permits in New Jersey Nicholle Jackson/Ray Papalski HR008_fin.pdf Not revised
45 HR009 Increasing Public Relations/Outreach/Education and Extending BPU Programs that Address Energy-Efficiency and Renewable Energy Laura Scatena HR009_fin.pdf Not revised
46 HR010 Restaurant Controls  Laura Scatena/Judy Rand HR010_fin.pdf HR010_fin2.pdf
47 HR011 Require Owners of Wood Burning Fireplaces to Change-over to Natural Gas Fireplaces and Allow Only Natural Gas Fireplaces in New Construction Ray Papalski HR011_fin.pdf Not revised
48 VOC001 Consumer Products Judy Rand VOC001_fin.pdf Not revised
49 VOC002 Portable Fuel Container (PFC) Amendments Nicholle Jackson VOC002_fin.pdf Not revised
50 VOC003 Vapor Recovery Systems at Gasoline Service Stations Bob Heil VOC003_fin.pdf Not revised
51 VOC004 Floating Roof Storage of Petroleum Products   Bennett Yalartai/Dave Owens VOC004_fin.pdf VOC004_fin2.pdf
52 VOC005 Expanding Refinery Controls to Other Similar Facilities Bob Heil VOC005_fin.pdf Not revised
53 VOC006 Industrial Surface Coatings Max Eslambolchi/Judy Rand VOC006_fin.pdf Not revised
54 VOC007 Public Relations Regarding Degreasing Regulations Bob Heil VOC007_fin.pdf Not revised
55 VOC008 Public Outreach Regarding Gasoline Dispensing Nicholle Jackson VOC008_fin.pdf VOC008_fin2.pdf
56 VOC010 Architectural and Industrial Maintenance Coatings Judy Rand VOC010_fin.pdf VOC010_fin2.pdf
57 VOC011 Adhesives and Sealants (SCC- 2440020000) George Fekete VOC011_fin.pdf VOC011_fin2.pdf
58 VOC012 Cutback and Emulsified Asphalt Paving Judy Rand VOC012_fin.pdf VOC012_fin2.pdf
59 GEN001 Pollution Action Day Controls Christine Schell GEN001_fin.pdf GEN001_fin2.pdf
60 GEN002 Air Quality Stewardship - Government and Business Purchasing Christine Schell GEN002_fin.pdf Not revised
61 GEN003 Air Quality Stewardship - Cultivating Personal Choices  Christine Schell GEN003_fin.pdf Not revised

Key Key
SCS Stationary Combustion Sources ETR Employee Trip Reduction
DI Diesel Initiatives ICI Industrial/Commercial/Institutional
CT Gasoline Cars and Trucks I/M Inspection and Maintenance
NA Non-Automobile Gasoline Engines LDDVs Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles
HR Homes and Restaurants MDDVs Medium-Duty Diesel Vehicles
VOC Volatile Organic Compounds from Processes and Consumer Products NOx Nitrogen Oxides
GEN General PR Public Relations
TDM Transportation Demand Management
BPU Board of Public Utilities USEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
EGUs Electric Generating Units