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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection-Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Ocean and bay recreational beaches are subject to opening and closing procedures of the State Sanitary Code and must be resampled when bacteria concentrations exceed the primary contact standard of 104 enterococci per 100 mL of sample. Consecutive samples that exceed the standard require the closing of the beach until a sample is obtained that is within the standard. If a sample result is shown in red, the sample has exceeded the monitoring standard for bacteria.  Additional samples will be collected at that location and results will be posted on the next day.

9/24/2013CCMPAC1199SATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Albany Ave
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1229ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Annapolis Ave
9/23/2013CCMPAC1016ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Arkansas
9/24/2013CCMPAC1016ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Arkansas
9/25/2013CCMPAC1016ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Arkansas
< 2
9/23/2013CCMPAC1085ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Bartram
9/23/2013CCMPAC0071ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Caspian
< 2
9/23/2013CCMPAC1017ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Chelsea
9/25/2013CCMPAC1188SATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Columbia Ave
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1071ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Connecticut Ave
< 5
9/24/2013CCMPAC1201SATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Elberon Ave
9/23/2013CCMPAC1018ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Georgia
9/23/2013CCMPAC1074ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Illinois
9/25/2013CCMPAC1186SATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Indiana Ave
9/23/2013CCMPAC1195ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Iowa Ave
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1228ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Jackson Ave
9/23/2013CCMPAC1070ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Kentucky
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1080ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Lincoln
9/24/2013CCMPAC1080ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Lincoln
9/23/2013CCMPAC1082ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Michigan
9/24/2013CCMPAC1082ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Michigan
9/25/2013CCMPAC1082ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Michigan
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1075ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Missouri
9/25/2013CCMPAC1075ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Missouri
9/23/2013CCMPAC1012ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at New Hampshire
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1084ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at North Carolina
< 5
9/24/2013CCMPAC1187SATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Ohio Ave
9/25/2013CCMPAC1187SATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Ohio Ave
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1015ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Pennsylvania
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1230ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Providence Ave
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1013ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Rhode Island Ave
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1073ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at South Carolina
< 5
9/23/2013CCMPAC1083ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at St. James
9/23/2013CCMPAC1072ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at States
9/23/2013CCMPAC1081ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City at Texas
* Confluent Growth: Bacterial growth covering the entire filter during a membrane filter test for enterococcus bacteria. This makes it impossible to determine the existence of discrete coliform colonies and therefore there is no way to count specific colonies. The site is re-sampled if this occurs.

environmental monitoring for public access and community trackingThis project was funded by EPA's Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT) program. Click here to find more information about EMPACT:

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