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Diesel PIFs are licensed by NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). To apply for a PIF license, to obtain forms, stickers, or for more information about the PIF program, contact NJMVC at 609-633-9474.

Diesel PIFs must use testing equipment approved by NJDEP.

LList of approved opacimeters
LSearch for a diesel PIF

Electronic reporting became a mandatory requirement as of January 1, 2009. Vehicle inspection reports and the test reports which are printed out by the opacimeter must be submitted to NJDEP for every vehicle that is inspected.

The Electronic Reporting Program (ERP) is a system that provides email transmittal for individual vehicle inspection reports and quarterly master reports using an Excel 97 spreadsheet.

First time electronic reporters must contact the program before getting started.

Diesel PIFs that have repeat customers, customer lists, or fleet inventory lists in almost any electronic file format, can cut, copy, paste or import that data into the NJDEP electronic reporting form. All other records required by NJMVC must be maintained.

The documents below are necessary for using the electronic reporting process.

ER Agreement - This is the legal contract between you, the diesel PIF, and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Inspection Program. Be sure to insert your facility name and license number where required on the first page. To expedite the process, please fax the signed agreement to (609-633-8236) and then mail the signed copy to:

Mail Code 401-02E
Diesel Program Manager
DEP Bureau of Mobile Sources
P.O. Box 420
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0420

Appendix B - This appendix is the legal transmittal document that will be used each quarter as a cover document when submitting your inspection report. Instructions on how to use it are contained in Appendix D.

Appendix D - This appendix provides instructions on how to submit each quarterly report including file naming, email address, what to do if you have no inspections to report, etc.

SAMPLE Template - This is an example of the electronic reporting spreadsheet template. It is a Microsoft Excel file and must be returned in the same format and with the same layout and structure. In the live version, there will be three tabs in the workbook;

1. Inspection data entry
2. Audit summary
3. Two years of your inspection records which you can cut and paste into the reporting sheet when inspecting a returning customer's vehicle.

Diesel PIF Electronic Form Instructions - This pdf file contains the specific instructions for entering an inspection record into the spreadsheet.

eReport Cheat Sheet - This pdf is an optional tool that may be used to record information at the time of the inspection and transmit it to whomever is responsible for data entry.