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Emission Repair Technician Certification (ERT)

Program Changes Coming, July 2016.  Check back soon!

Under New Jersey's new enhanced Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) program, any person or facility shall not perform emission-related repairs for compensation of any kind, unless the repairs are made by, or under the supervision of, a certified repair technician employed by the facility. Accordingly, the State has established the ETEP program to set forth the requirements necessary to become a certified Emission Repair Technician in New Jersey.

The ETEP program contains two separate options, or tracks, for obtaining certification. The Test Track requires possession of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) A6, A8, A9, L1, and L3 certifications, while the Education Track requires successful completion of a State-approved ETEP training curriculum. Both tracks also require attendance at the New Jersey Specific Informational Course or the New Jersey Inspector Training Course. The courses are offered only by a network of NJ-approved ETEP Training Providers. To download the current list of NJ-Approved ETEP Training Providers, please click the link below:

After completing at least one of the tracks in its entirety, an application must be filled out & submitted for the State to issue the certification. To download this application and accompanying ASE Status Verification process, please click the links below:


NJ-Approved Emission Technician Education Program(ETEP)Training Providers
Application for New Jersey Emission Repair Technician (ERT) Certification
New Jersey ASE Certification Status Verification Process

Alternatively, the application may be submitted online at the following link:
Recertification is required every five (5) years. Please use the same application above for recertification purposes.


For more detailed information on the ETEP program, please contact