Clean Water Council Public Hearing 2003

Reclaimed Water for Beneficial Reuse
Sponsored by NJ Clean Water Council and NJ Water Supply Advisory Council

Wednesday April 16, 2003 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The Holiday Inn - Monroe
390 Forsgate Drive, Jamesburg, NJ

Reclaimed wastewater, which was once considered a waste for disposal, is now a resource desired by commercial entities, municipalities, county parks, and various recreational developments. N.J.A.C. 7:14A-2.1 established a responsibility for the Department to encourage and promote Reclaimed Water for Beneficial Reuse (RWBR) and water conservation. RWBR involves taking what was once considered waste product, giving it a high degree of treatment and using the resulting high-quality reclaimed water for beneficial uses. The importance of RWBR programs first came to light during the drought of 1999 and again during the drought of 2002, when the state experienced firsthand the importance of protecting and conserving our portable water supplies.

Available Downloads:
orangearrow 2003 Public Hearing Brochure
orangearrow 2003 Public Hearing Agenda
orangearrow Transcripts of Public Testimony
orangearrow Letter to the Commissioner
orangearrow Presentation: NJDEP Wastewater Reuse Program, Jim Grob, Compliance and Enforcement, Wastewater Reuse, NJDEP
orangearrow Presentation: 15 Years of Water Reuse Experience in New Jersey, Edward Clerico, P.E., Vice President - Strategy, American Water
orangearrow Presentations: Water Reuse Successes - A Well Kept Secret, Kevin Nelson, P.E., Regional Vice President, Project Development, U.S. Filter Operating Services, Inc.
orangearrow Presentation: Evesham Indian Springs Golf Course Wastewater Resue Project, Rocco Maiellano, Director of Operations, Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority
orangearrow Comments: Letter, Medford, NJ Resident
orangearrow Comments: Letter, OClean County Utilities Authority
orangearrow Comments: Letter, Clean OClean Action
orangearrow Comments: Letter, Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions
orangearrow Comments: Letter, Alliane for a Living OClean
orangearrow Comments: Letter, Board of Chosen Freeholders, County of Burlington
orangearrow Comments: Email, Recycling Grey Water
orangearrow Transcript of Proceedings


2017 Clean Water Council Public Hearing Notice -
The New Jersey Clean Water Council (NJCWC) seeks public testimony on approaches to address non-point source (NPS) stormwater pollution in impaired waterways. The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 19, 2017 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (or close of testimony, if earlier). 
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