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Frequently Asked Manifest Billing Questions (FAQ's)

QUESTION: I am an CESQG and have an NJX ID number*. Why am I still being billed under my USEPA ID number?
ANSWER: Generators must use their NJX ID number on their manifests. If you continue to use your USEPA ID number, manifest processing fees will continue to be assessed and collected. Please refer to your NJX Confirmation/Notification letter  for a more detailed explanation. *NJX Generators are exempt from Processing Fees.
QUESTION: None of the manifests or only some of the manifests are being billed belong to our company. What should we do?
ANSWER: Identify the manifests in question on your detail page (manifest processed this period). Fax this information to the Manifest Section – (609)984-9658. We will investigate and advise you accordingly.
QUESTION: I have just moved to this location and I have received the previous owner's bill. What should I do?
ANSWER:  (A) Please return the bill to:

Bureau of Hazardous Waste Regulation
Manifest Unit
Mail Code 401-040G
PO Box 420
Trenton, NJ  08625-0420



   (B) Forward the bill to the previous owner.
QUESTION: I received a bill but the mailing address that you have for my company is wrong. What should I do?
ANSWER: Complete the change of address section on the back of the Billing Invoice and return with your payment.
QUESTION: I need an extension in time to pay this bill!
ANSWER: Please contact our office at (609) 984-2162 for an extension.
QUESTION: On my bill it says that the processing period is 9/15/00 – 9/16/01. However, the manifests that I am being billed for are dated in January 2000. Why is that?
ANSWER: Due to processing backlogs, invalid/missing manifest information or missing manifest copies, the processing of your manifest(s) may be delayed. These delays can cause your manifest(s) to be processed outside of their normal processing period. However, most manifests are processed with 4-6 weeks from the day they are received.
QUESTION: I understand what a generator manifest is but what is a T.S.D.F. manifest?
ANSWER: T.S.D.F. (Treatment, Storage, Disposal, Facility) manifests being billed are manifests received by New Jersey T.S.D.F.’s from out-of-state generators. Since the State of New Jersey cannot access processing fees to out-of-state generators, the fee is assessed to the receiving New Jersey T.S.D.F. The processing fee is $10.00 per manifest (same as generators).
QUESTION:  I am the Household Hazardous Waste Coordinator from Morris County or I am the Spill Coordinator from the US EPA Superfund. Do we pay processing fees?
ANSWER: No, manifests processed for Household Hazardous Waste collection activities, US EPA cleanups or NJDEP Spill Responses are exempt from the fees. Please claim this exemption when you respond to the Billing Invoice.

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