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Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste
401 East State Street, P.O. Box 414
Trenton, NJ 08625-0414
609-984-6880 (phone)
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Recycling is the Answer for
Builders and Demolition Contractors

Builders and demolition contractors can save money and help the environment by recycling various components of construction and demolition waste rather than disposing of this material. An April, 2004 survey conducted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection shows that recycling asphalt debris, concrete rubble, used bricks and blocks, felled trees and stumps and wood scrap costs significantly less than disposing of these materials as solid waste.

Average Cost to Recycle:

Asphalt debris* - $5.70 per ton
Concrete rubble* - $4.85 per ton
Used bricks and blocks* - $5.49 per ton
Trees and stumps - $37.69 per ton
Wood scrap - $46.43 per ton

Average Cost of Disposal:

Over $75.00 per ton and can be as high as $98.00 per ton.

* Several recycling centers did not charge any fee for the receipt of these recyclable waste materials.

Survey results based upon 63 respondents.

There are almost 100 NJDEP approved recycling centers in New Jersey that recycle various components of the construction and demolition waste stream. Visit the NJDEP, Bureau of Recycling and Planning’s website at www.state.nj.us/dep/recycle (Click on Class “B” Recycling Database) for information on the nearest recycling center or call 609-984-3438.


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