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Post-Holiday “Stuff” Management Suggestions

Now that the holiday season is behind us, it is time once again to start deciding where you are going to store all the new things that you received as gifts, (known officially as “stuff”), and determining what old stuff you are going to part with to make room for the new stuff.

Of course, this annual post-holiday purge of closets, basements, garages and attics has environmental consequences when all this unwanted stuff is left at the curb for disposal as garbage. Rather than filling up valuable landfill space, you can sell, donate, trade and exchange your unwanted possessions. After all, one person’s garbage is often another person’s treasure.

While holding a yard sale is certainly one approach to take, there are other options that you should also consider, especially since winter is not a great time for a yard sale. Undoubtedly, the following leads do not represent a comprehensive list of options that are available, but they should help get you started on the road to reuse.

“A Place for Everything – The Ultimate Redistribution Guide for Mercer, Middlesex and Monmouth Counties.”

If you have ever wondered where you can donate used books, clothes, computers, housewares, appliances, exercise equipment, stationery and just about anything else in Mercer, Middlesex and Monmouth Counties, this guide, written and researched by Audrey Rockman, is for you. This NJDEP-supported guide not only lists organizations that accept donations, but also includes ideas of where to sell, trade, consign or buy almost every item in your home. The reuse of various items helps charitable organizations, businesses and consumers in many ways and also keeps many tons of material from entering the waste stream. It is available at no cost from the NJDEP. Contact the NJDEP, Bureau of Recycling and Planning at 609-984-3438 or at for a free copy.


The Freecycle Network™ is an on-line materials exchange that allows people to
donate unwanted items or obtain donated items at no cost. There is also no cost to
join the Freecycle Network, which was formed as a way to promote waste reduction. There are almost 3,100 Freecycle groups in the United States at this time. For more details, visit is an online market where individuals, nonprofit organizations and businesses can exchange excess goods and surplus inventory free of charge.


Zunafish matches people who want to trade CDs, DVDs, video tapes, video games, paperback books or audio books. Check out this reuse option at

International Softball Federation

Used softball equipment can be donated to the International Softball Federation, a non-profit organization located in Plant City, Florida. The ISF sends the equipment to developing countries all over the world that either cannot afford equipment or cannot get it shipped to their country. For further information, contact Cindy Kersey at 813-707 7204. is one of several companies that will pay consumers for their old cell phones. The phones are resold mostly in South America. According to industry statistics, the average life span of a cell phone is 18 months.

Anything But Costumes

Anything But Costumes is a full service prop rental house that makes available all of the things that you need to stage or film your production. This organization may be interested in some of the items that you no longer want or need. Visit for further information.


Local libraries usually accept donations of books, CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs. Contact your local library to confirm that they accept such donations.

Disclaimer: This information is provided free of charge to the public. The State of New Jersey, its agencies and employees assume no responsibility or liability to any person or entity for the use of this information. There are no representations or warranties, express or implied, of any kind with regard to this information, and any use of this information is made at the risk of the user. Many web links on this website are for sites not maintained by NJDEP or the State of New Jersey. The NJDEP, Bureau of Recycling and Planning makes no special endorsement for the content of these links, their sites or the views expressed by the site’s publishers.


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