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PowerPoint Presentation on Recycling for 4th - 8th Grade Audiences Now Available!

The "Story of Stuff" PowerPoint presentation (see note below) was created by the NJDEP, Bureau of Recycling and Planning in 2008 for school presentations. The presentation works especially well for 4th - 8th grade audiences. This presentation will take anywhere between 40 - 60 minutes depending upon your pace, how much time is allotted for the presentation and how much detail is provided. You will find details on the Notes Pages that are attached to the presentation. Bureau staff have found that children and teachers really seem to enjoy the presentation.

While Bureau staff would tailor each presentation to the particular town that they spoke at as it pertains to where that town's garbage goes for disposal and where its recyclables go for recycling, the attached presentation covers a few counties as this version was used at an event that included children from numerous counties. Please feel free to use the entire presentation or parts of it. In addition, please feel free to modify it to fit your local needs.

Note: Since the creation of this presentation, the Bureau has learned that there is an environmental film that is also called "The Story of Stuff." This presentation should not be confused with the film as this presentation is simply a slide show intended to educate kids about recycling and is not intended for commercial distribution. You are welcome to modify the name of this PowerPoint presentation should you want to avoid any confusion in this regard.

PowerPoint Presentation