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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Eating Fish is Healthy Why is Fish Healthy for You?

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How can I prepare and cook fish in a healthy way?

The map below provides statewide, regional, and water body-specific advisory information for various fish species. Click on the county where you fish for a table that lists the recommended fish consumption frequencies for the General Population and High-risk Individuals for specific water bodies. Bergen County Morris County Essex County Union County Passaic County Sussex County Somerset County Warren County Hunterdon County Mercer County Middlesex County Monmouth County Ocean County Burlington County Camden County Gloucester County Salem County Atlantic County Cape May County Cumberland County


High Risk Individuals: Includes infants, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and women of childbearing age.

General Population: Includes all others not in the high-risk category. PCB
visories for the General Population are presented in meal frequencies (for example: one meal per month or four meals per year). This range is based on an estimated 1 in 10,000 risk of cancer during your lifetime from eating fish at the advisory level. This means that one additional cancer may occur in 10,000 people eating fish at the advisory level for a lifetime

By using this advisory, you have the necessary information to make an informed choice on the number of meals of fish to consume. You can reduce your risk further by eating less than the advisory meal frequency, however, this needs to be balanced with the health benefits of eating fish.

The limits that follow each species assume that no other contaminated fish are being eaten. If you eat more than one species of fish listed in the advisory, the total consumption of fish should not exceed the recommended frequency as a guideline for consumption. The best approach is to use the lowest recommended frequency as a guideline for consumption. Example: If you fish Union Lake, you can eat four meals of white perch or you can eat one meal of Largemouth Bass over the course of a month, but not both.

If your specific fishing location is not mentioned within the advisories, this does not mean the fish are free of contamination. Not all New Jersey waters or fish species have been tested, and not all fish species were found in all locations, or in some cases available data were insufficient to list a species for a specific water body. If your fishing area is not mentioned in the guidelines, follow the statewide advisory for the listed species or follow the general freshwater advisory of not more than one meal per week for (general Population) or one meal per month (high-risk individuals) for freshwaters.

To download a copy of the advisories in there entirety, please click here to download the report


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