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Vehicle Recycling General Permit Information
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Vehicle Recycling General Permit Information

Fluid Draining and Dismantling Area


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Your facility must establish a “Fluid Draining and Dismantling Area” on an impervious surface that is contained and under cover. For example, a concrete pad (with a berm to prevent fluid spills from leaving the pad) that is under a roof is acceptable.

Drain all fluids from vehicles into appropriate containers on an impervious surface that is contained and under cover. The cover must be constructed to prevent exposure to stormwater.

Fluids must be drained from: engines, radiators, transmissions, heater cores, brake lines, differentials, all lines and hoses, fuel tanks, air conditioning units and window washing fluid tanks. Fluids include, but are not limited to, fuel(s) engine oil(s), coolant(s), brake fluid(s), power steering fluid(s), transmission fluid(s) and wiper fluid(s).

Fluids do not need to be drained from sealed units that do not leak and are intended to be sold as complete units. Examples of sealed units include differentials, steering gear units, front and rear axle assemblies and transfer cases. Fluids do not need to be drained from units that are part of an operable vehicle.

All fluids must be drained from vehicles prior to leaving the designated Fluid Draining and Dismantling Area. Mercury switches and batteries must also be removed from vehicle prior to leaving the Fluid Draining and Dismaneling Area.



This website is for guidance purposes only. Please refer to your permit authorization for specific information.

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