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Shale Gas Extraction (SGE) Wastewater Guidance

April 5, 2011 USEPA AdvisoryUSEPA advised each New Jersey Delegated Local Authority (DLA) that domestic treatment works are traditionally not designed to treat many of the contaminants found in Shale Gas Extraction (SGE) wastewater.  For details about the regulation of SGE wastewater please read the Frequently Asked Questions attached to USEPA’s April 5, 2011 letter.

July 20, 2011 NJDEP Advisory NJDEP’s Bureau of Pretreatment and Residuals followed-up USEPA’s April 5, 2011 advisory with a request to all New Jersey DLA’s to notify the Department of any solicitation to accept SGE wastewater. Notification is required by 40 CFR 122.42(b).

USEPA’s Natural Gas Extraction – Hydraulic Fracturing Web Page

NJDEP Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Gas Well Drill Cuttings Advisory 


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