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Vol. 11

No. 3

Winter 2003

A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs

Electronic Data InterchangeNJPDES Electronic Discharge Interchange (EDI) Portal Is Open For Business
by Julio Collazo, Bureau of Permit Management

Since the NJPDES EDI application's debut in April 2003, approximately 70 facilities have been reaping the rewards of electronic reporting. Why not give it a try? Now all NJPDES permittees with Monitoring Report Form (MRF) submittal requirements can submit their MRF data electronically to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) via the NJPDES EDI application. This application combines today's web technology with spreadsheet software technology.

How does it work?

  • The system was designed to closely mirror the existing manual operation. A permittee's MRFs are made available via the NJDEP Online web portal as follows:

  • Participants are notified of the availability of their MRFs via e-mail upon approval of their participation request (see details below) and can access the web portal to download their MRFs. (An agreement between the DEP and the NJPDES permit facility's Responsible Official will be executed.)

  • These MRF files are completed and saved electronically via a personal computer. When data entry is complete, the form is validated, locked and uploaded to the Department via the NJDEP Online web portal.

  • Upon uploading, an e-mail will be sent to the facility's Responsible Official advising them that a MRF is ready to be certified. The Responsible Official will access the web portal, review the MRF and proceed to certify it. After certification, the Responsible Official will be notified by e-mail to verify successful certification.

NJPDES MRF EDI System Benefits:

  • Timely Access to Recently Revised Forms

  • Timely Acknowledgement Upon Postmark

  • Immediate Status of Forms

  • What You See Is What We Get!! No interpretation problems

  • Possible reduction in reporting violations

  • Cost efficiencies - No more stamps, or big envelopes to purchase

  • Storage efficiency, computer files stored in PC or other electronic storage media

  • DEP does not assess a fee for this service

What MRF forms can be submitted electronically?

  • Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)

  • Waste Characterization Reports (WCRs), which include Well Monitoring Reports

  • Residual Transfer Reports (RTRs)

Computer Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Access to a Pentium computer or equivalent (Athlon)

  • Internet Access

  • An e-mail address

  • Microsoft Excel (Optional)

  • How to Sign Up for EDI

    Signing up is easy! Send an e-mail request to NJPDES_EDI_SIGNUP@dep.state.nj.us. DEP will send an e-mail response along with a NJPDES EDI Agreement package. The package includes the conditions for participation in the program. Upon review and approval of your request, DEP will send you an approval e-mail along with a NJPDES EDI Reference Manual that will guide you through the EDI application.

    For further information on the EDI program, please contact Julio Collazo, Bureau of Permit Management at (609) 984-4428.

    Articles appearing in the New Jersey Discharger may be reprinted provided source credit is given.

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