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A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs Contents of Volume 7

    Volume 7 Number 4 - Spring 2000

  1. Financing Now Available for Landfills, Site Remediation, Land Acquisition and Well Sealing
  2. Green Industries Get New Incentives Under Silver and Gold Track Program
  3. Update on the Expedited TWA Program
  4. Financing Program Reaches $1 Billion Milestone in Completed Construction Projects
  5. Combined Sewer Overflow General Permit to be Renewed
  6. Loan Schedule Correction
  7. Stormwater General Permit for Scrap Metal Facilities Now Addresses Ground Water Discharges
  8. Stormwater Permits Seminar Scheduled
  9. Nominations Sought for Awards for Excellence in Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Compliance
  10. Technical Manual for Reclaimed Water for Beneficial Reuse

    Volume 7 Number 3 - Winter 1999

  1. Financing Program Certifies 1999 Projects
  2. Reclaiming Wastewater for Beneficial Use
  3. Ground Water Permitting Seminar
  4. New General Permit for Construction Dewatering Discharges Issued
  5. Fax News Group Being Formed
  6. Financing Program to Consolidate Schedule
  7. Financing Program Rules to Be Readopted
  8. Planning for Clean Water: Your Town Can Do It!
  9. Recommended Quantitation Levels: What Does Your Permit Require?
  10. Now Available on DWQ Web Site
  11. Efforts Underway to Improve New Jersey's Impaired Waterbodies
  12. New Endex System to Facilitate Data-Sharing
  13. Two New Jersey Facilities Receive 1999 EPA Regional O&M Awards
  14. USEPA Region 2 Awards Program

    Volume 7 Number 2 - Fall 1999

  1. Financing for Landfill Projects Available
  2. Trout and Effluent - Perfect Together?
  3. Leading Sources of Water Quality Impairment Related to Human Activities
  4. DRBC Proposes Wasteload Allocations for the Delaware Estuary
  5. Modeling River Basins Just Got Easier
  6. Brown Tide in New Jersey
  7. Rutgers University Courses Offered

    Volume 7 Number 1 - Summer 1999

  1. Division Develops Three New General Permits for NJPDES Program
  2. Water Usage Declines in New Jersey
  3. Readoption of Sewage Infrastructure Grants Rules to Be Proposed
  4. NJPDES Creates Water Assessment Team
  5. New Guidence Documents Available for Ground Water Dischargers
  6. Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Testing Notice
  7. Short Course on Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Planned for September
  8. Sludge Quality Assurance Regulations Readopted
  9. DEP Publishes First Strategic Plan
  10. EPA News
  11. Did You Know?

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