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A Newsletter About New Jersey's Water Quality Programs Contents of Volume 8

    Volume 8 Number 4 - Spring 2001

  1. DEP Proposes Renewal of PSEG Discharge Permit for Salem Nuclear Plant
  2. Hearing on 2002 Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program Set
  3. Engineer Recognition Program Announces Eligible Firms
  4. Don't Miss Your Oppotunity...
  5. New Monitoring Report Info on Web
  6. Division Schedules Permitting Seminars
  7. Pretreatment Requirements for Non-Delegated Local Agencies:
    Sewer Use Ordinance and Local Discharge Limitations Submittals

    Volume 8 Number 3 - Winter 2000

  1. Financing Program Certifies Record Number of Projects for 2000
  2. Division Changes Discharge Monitoring Reports
  3. Guidelines for Non-Delegated Local Agencies Filing Annual Reports
  4. USEPA Region 2 Treatment Plant Awards Programs
  5. Cape May County MUA Regional Plant Receives National Award
  6. Low Cost Financing for Open Space Available
  7. Division Develops New Web Site for Onsite Septic Systems

    Volume 8 Number 2 - Fall 2000

  1. 13th National Clean Water Needs Survey Underway
  2. DEP Undergoes Changes in Management
  3. Tax Exemptions Available For Pollution Abatement Facilities
  4. New Jersey's Strategic Goals Program Going Strong
  5. Financing Program Deadline Draws Near for Wastewater, Stormwater, and Water Supply Projects
  6. State Team Initiates Brown Tide Assessment Project In Barnegat Bay
  7. Point Source Permitting Regions In The Watershed Management Areas
  8. Treatment Works Seminar Scheduled

    Volume 8 Number 1 - Summer 2000

  1. NJDEP Signs-On to Strategic Goals Program
  2. North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority Celebrates Leadership in Environmental Protection
  3. Loans Available for Water Quality Related Land Purchases
  4. NJDEP Rules on Web
  5. Streamlined Financing Schedule Takes Effect This Year
  6. Trends in Biosolids Generation, Use, and Disposal in the United States

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