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 Water Pollution Management Element
bluearrow Permit Administration Section
bluearrow Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control
bluearrow Bureau of Pretreatment and Residuals
bluearrow Bureau of Surface Water Permitting
 Municipal Finance & Construction Element
bluearrow Bureau of Environmental and Engineering Reviews
bluearrow Bureau of Construction and Connection Permits
bluearrow Policy, Program Development and Administration Section
bluearrow Treatment Works Approval Permits
 Related Programs
bluearrow Combined Sewer Overflows
bluearrow Green Infrastructure in New Jersey
bluearrow NJ's Wastewater Reuse Program
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bluearrow Clean Water NJ
bluearrow Clean Water Council
bluearrow New Jersey Environmental Infastructure Trust

Protecting New Jersey's surface and ground waters from  pollution caused by improperly treated wastewater,  residuals, and stormwater.

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bluearrow 2015 NJPDES Annual Fee Report
bluearrow Stormwater Training
bluearrow Financing Opportunity for CSO Communities
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Water Quality

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