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Paterson City - Compliance and Enforcement Sweep

Compliance Assistance Resources Categorized by Business Type/Sector

Business Type/Sector
Information Source
Publication Title and Description
Auto Repair
Automotive Service and Repair Sector - Self Audit Compliance Assistance Checklist (pdf format)
CCAR Environmental Compliance for the Automotive Industry - Auto Repair Association Checklist Web Site web site
USEPA  Consolidated Screening Checklist for Automotaive Facilities Guidebook (pdf format)
Auto Recyclers
ARA Automotive Recyclers Association - Environmental Compliance for Automotive Recyclers Self Audit Checklists and Factsheets web site
CFC's (refrigerant recovery)  
USEPA Substitutes for Ozone-Depleting Substances web site
USEPA Self Assessment Checklist: Safe Disposal of Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners (pdf format) 
USEPA General 608 Facility Self Audit Checklist Industrial Process Refrigeration, Comfort Cooling, Commercial and Other Refrigeration (pdf format) 
USEPA Brochures and Fact Sheets Regarding Section 608 of the Clean Air Act web site 
USEPA Section 609 Self Audit Checklist: Servicing Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners (pdf format)
USEPA 608 vs. 609 Flow Chart (pdf format)
USEPA Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sector web site
USEPA What You Should Know about Refrigerants When Purchasing or Repairing a Residential A/C System or Heat Pump web site 
USEPA Handling Contaminated and Unfamiliar Automotive Refrigerants web site
USEPA Choosing and Using Alternative Refrigerants for Motor Vehicle Refrigerants for Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning web site 
Colleges & Universities
USEPA  Protecting Health and the Environment On and Off Campus (pdf format)
USEPA Compliance Assistance Internet Sites for Colleges & Universities web site
USEPA Questions and Answers from EPA's Compliance Assistance Seminars web site
USEPA Letters to Colleges and Universities web site
USEPA College and University Initiative Presentations from Seminars for College/University Environmental Staff web site 
USEPA Web-Based Compliance Assistance Tools Department of Public Works (DPWs) web site
NJDEP Department of Public Works (DPWs) multi-media checklist. (February 2001) web site
Dry Cleaners
USEPA Dry Cleaners In The News... web site
USEPA Multimedia Inspection Checklist for Dry Cleaning Facilities (pdf format)
USEPA New Regulation Controlling Emissions From Dry Cleaners web site
USEPA Plain English Guide for Perc Dry Cleaners web site
USEPA The Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Factsheet (pdf format)
USEPA EPCRA Section 311, 312 official website web site
USEPA EPCRA Official Enforcement website web site
USEPA Healthcare Compliance Initiative web site
USEPA Pollution Prevention in the Healthcare Industry web site
Land Use
  Miscellaneous Compliance Assistance web sites:  
NJDEP Land Use Regulation Program web site
NJDEP   Coastal Management Program   web site
NJDEP Coastal and Land Use Enforcement Program web site
USEPA U.S. EPA's "Self-Disclosure Policy" Incentives for Self-Policing: Discovery, Disclosure, Correction and Prevention of Violations. (pdf format)
USEPA Audit Agreements web site
SGIA Printers National Environmental Assistance Center web site
Small Appliances  
USEPA Section 608 Self Audit Checklist: Servicing of Small Appliances (pdf format)
USEPA Self Assessment Checklist: Safe Disposal of Small Appliances (pdf format)
Small Businesses   
NJDEP Greenstart Compliance Assistance for small businesses and municipalities -application. (9/16/96) web site
NJDEP Small Business Environmental Compliance Home Page  
Small Labs
USEPA Environmental Management Guide for Small Laboratories (pdf format)
Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
USEPA Publications Related to Underground Storage Tanks - Managing USTs Properly and Conducting Cleanups Efficiently
web site

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