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Beekeeper Notification

The NJ Pesticide Control Regulations, at NJAC 7:30-9.11, require that beekeepers be notified when pesticides that are labeled as hazardous to bees are applied within three miles of a registered beeyard. Not all such pesticide applications require notification. The types of pesticide applications exempt from this notification are spelled out in the regulation.

This requirement to notify beekeepers is mandatory for the pesticide applicator, but it is up to each individual beekeeper as to whether or not he registers any or all of his beeyard locations. There is no limit on the number of beeyards that can be registered.

The List of Officially Registered Beeyards is compiled every year. A beekeeper will be sent a list of the beeyards he had registered for the previous year so that a decision can be made on whether or not to register them again for the current year. If a beekeeper wishes to register any new beeyards, the Beeyard Registration Form can be completed and either mailed to the address indicated or emailed to

All renewal registrations and new registrations must be received by the Pesticide Control Program by March 1st to be included on the official notification list for that year. Follow the instructions on the registration forms for renewal or new registrations. Be sure to provide all the required information so as to avoid missing the March 1st deadline.

If there are any questions on the procedure for registering your beeyards, please call the Pesticide Control Program at 609-984-6614.



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