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Coastal Watershed Conservation & Restoration Initiative
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Michael Davenport
Conservation Wildlife Foundation of NJ & Monmouth Conservation Foundation
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Microsoft Powerpoint and ArcView 9.3
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NJDEP, Monmouth County GIS

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The purpose of the Coastal Watershed Conservation and Restoration Initiative is to provide a tool to identify priorities to protect water quality and restore critical areas surrounding four estuaries within Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The first phase of the study entailed developing a habitat selection tool utilizing existing GIS data and in-field verification procedures. This study was designed to identify areas near the shoreline with potential for conservation and habitat restoration. The Project Team selected 15 GIS data layers in order to create a Conservation Priority Index or “CPI” and 16 layers for a Restoration Priority Index or “RPI”. The aim of the CPI is to identify those areas to target for acquisition for conservation purposes while the RPI identifies areas in need of environmental restoration and habitat management. Project partners include the Monmouth Conservation Foundation, Monmouth University, and American Littoral Society.