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Census Response Improvement Strategies
Name(s) of Author(s):
Dimitri J. Honorat
US Bureau of the Census
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Software Used to Make Map:
ArcMap 9.2, Excel, Paint
Data Sources:

Census Bureau

Map Description:

With ESRI’s ArcMap (9.2 build 1500) we processed shape-files and created a poster-like graphic with images imported from Excel, Paint and other sources. Making a visually appealing composition, minimally supported with explanatory text, we aimed at creating interest in the subject treated. “Census Response Improvement Strategies” reflects stages of many programs leading to Census Day. The "Road Tour" overview map showcases "Hard-to-Count" areas where a concerted effort was made to increase resident response rates. An intensive mailing campaign was conducted in tandem using types of enumeration areas and bi-lingual (or multilingual) speaking households. Conveying graphically the data behind the map required judicious use of colors. The main map represents tabular U.S. Census Bureau data by tracts, with the best (light to white shading) to worst (dark purple) responses. Census operations this period were at least as successful as in the past.