Map Information:

Map Title:
Child Care and Educational Resources
Name(s) of Author(s):
Merrilee Torres
County of Burlington, IT Department, GIS Section
Email Address:
Software Used to Make Map:
ArcGIS 9.3.1
Data Sources:

State of NJ, OIT, OGIS county & municipal boundaries; Burlington County schools & child care locations

Map Description:

This map was created to support a grant proposal. The purpose was to show the proximity of educational facilities to child care resources for women attending job training. The challenge was to show which of 7 types of child care are available at each facility. Facilities offered between 1 and 5 different types at their location. To solve this, a color was assigned to each type of child care. Facilities offering only 1 type were represented as a single color-coded circle whereas those with multiples were represented by a 3-D pie chart identifying the different child care types available at that location.