Map Information:

Map Title:
Bedrock Geologic Map of New Jersey 2011
Name(s) of Author(s):
Zehdreh Allen-Lafayette, Mike Girard & Ron Pristas
NJDEP, New Jersey Geological Survey
Email Address:
Software Used to Make Map:
ArcInfo, ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and WordPerfect
Data Sources:

The geologists (field work) and arial maps.

Map Description:

The New Jersey Geological Survey first published the 1:250000 Bedrock Geologic Map of New Jersey in 1835. It was so popular we rushed out a second edition in 1912, and now our third edition is being issued one-year ahead of the 1912 centennial and one-year after our 175th anniversary.

It took 15 years to create this map. It was started on Sun workstations, migrated to PCs and survived two operating system upgrades. But this category, Best Software Integration, is about software and this is the software we remember using to complete this project: Corel Draw, PhotoPaint and WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Adobe Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, Avenza Map Publisher, Terrain Navigator, ArcView, ArcMap, and ArcInfo.