Map Information:

Map Title:
Field Geology of Lambertville, NJ
"A Teaching Tool"
Name(s) of Author(s):
Ward Ingersoll, Joe Stefanoni
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Software Used to Make Map:
ArcGIS 10
Data Sources:

GeoWeb-NJ, Garmin Vista GPS handheld unit

Map Description:

The Mapping project is an illustration of efforts to create a geologic teaching tool in a field setting for upper elementary school age children. This map shows a visual representation of an outdoor teaching environment. One section of the map is an interpretation of the geology in the Lambertville area which is located in the Piedmont Physiographic Province of the State. In creating this section we utilized geologic information from the NJ-GeoWeb application. Digital pictures were added to show Field Stops associated with the accompanied Field Guide. The second part of the map represents the collection of the field points through the use of a hand held Garmin eTrex Vista GPS unit to map the Lambertville Nature Trail. A conversion program was then used to overlay the trail file onto the Lambertville 7.5 min Quadrangle.