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Hurricane Sandy Waterway Debris Removal Project
Name(s) of Author(s):
Ed Apalinski
NJDEP Bureau of GIS
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Software Used to Make Map:
ArcGIS 10.x
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Map Description:

This map summarizes GIS efforts for the Hurricane Sandy Waterway Debris Removal. The first effort was to organize the effected waterways into zones for debris removal contract bidding.

State and Federal Environmental Laws and Executive Orders must be accounted for during operations for FEMA reimbursement. So the next step was to identify and map GIS data layers for these areas. These include but are not limited to, Sensitive wildlife areas, aquaculture, and Natural and Historic Resources.

The last step, share the map to all interested parties. An ArcGIS online map was produced. This allows the datasets in the web map to be viewed in the office, for mission planning, or in the field via mobile device to identify sensitive areas.