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Category 1- Hurricane Irene vs. Category 1- Hurricane Sandy
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Daniel Constanza
Burlington County, Department of Information Technology, GIS Section
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ArcMap10, ArcCatalog, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat
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NJ OIT, i.c.c.

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Although neither officially made landfall in New Jersey as a hurricane, as they approached the state both Hurricane Irene (2011) and Hurricane Sandy (2012) were Category 1 storms on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. The coastal devastation caused by Sandy was an unprecedented event in NJ, while Irene was primarily a heavy inland rain/flooding event. This map emphasizes three main points on why Sandy caused the storm surge that decimated areas along the New Jersey Atlantic Coast and Raritan Bayshore: 1) Storm-Track, 2) Storm-Duration, and 3) Storm-Intensity.