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Geology of the New Jersey Offshore in the Vicinity of Barnegat Inlet and Long Beach Island
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Zehdreh Allen-Lafayette, Jane Uptegrove, Jeffrey S. Waldner, Scott D. Stanford, Don H. Monteverde, Robert E. Sheridan, and David W. Hall
New Jersey Geological and Water Survey, NJDEP
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ArcInfo, ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator
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Originial research plus see bibliography (sheet 2)

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This map is the result of a collaboration between our Offshore Resource Exploration group and our geologic mapping section. It is the first combined onshore-offshore geologic map that NJGWS has produced.

Correlation of the onshore and offshore data sets was made by comparing sediment characteristics and depositional settings of the geologic units. Offshore data sets include high-resolution seismic profiling and drilling of shallow cores to verify subsurface sediment characteristics and structures. The age of offshore units was established by dating organic material found in the shallow cores. The laterally extensive seismic profiles, linked with age dates and sediment analysis, enabled correlation with the onshore geology.

The NJDEP Office of Engineering and Construction's Coastal Engineering Program and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (formerly the Minerals Management Service) of the U.S. Department of Interior, funded acquisition of the data. Analysis and production was supported by the U. S. Geological Survey, National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program.