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Links to Other GIS Sites

Links to Other New Jersey GIS Agencies:

  • NJ Geological Survey (NJGS)

    The main page of the NJGS. A wealth of GIS data is available at the Digital Geodata Archive page.

  • NJ Geographic Information Network (NJGIN)

    NJGIN is the successor to the NJ Spatial Data Clearinghouse. NJGIN provides the ability to search for spatial data and interactive mapping services across a distributed network of local nodes throughout New Jersey's state and local government.

  • NJ Office of GIS (OGIS)

    The NJ Office of GIS plays a leadership role in coordinating the use of computer mapping and analysis technology throughout New Jersey. This site provides information on how GIS works, links to important NJ State GIS initiatives and links to the NJ Geographic Information Network and NJ interactive mapping applications.

  • NJ Commerce Business Portal Interactive Mapping

    The Business Portal offers a Location Assessment Tool which can be used to elect and evaluate potential business locations. You can display environmental, economic growth/planning and workforce/demographic data on a map and then generate and print custom reports.

  • Delaware & Raritan Canal Commission

    Power Point Presentation describing the D&R Canal that uses GIS mapping and data.


  • NJ Dept. of Transtportation (NJDOT) GIS-T page

    State and county maps available in pdf and zipped formats.

  • NJ Dept. of Health and Senior Service GIS Data

    GIS data created by the NJDHSS, available for download in ESRI shapefile format.

  • NJ Dept. of Community Affairs-Office of Smart Growth Maps and GIS Data

    The Maps and Data page of the NJ Office of Smart Growth. State Plan maps in Adobe PDF format are available as well as GIS data for the 2001 State Plan Policy Map & Other Maps.

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  • Atlantic County GIS Program

    The Atlantic County New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN) node, developed through the NJ Office of GIS. This link provides access to the County's interactive mapping applications.

  • Bergen County GIS

    View general information regarding Bergen County, including property and land records, roads, environmental, and Census data.

  • Cape May County IMS Site

    The Cape May County New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN) node, developed through the NJ Office of GIS. This link provides access to the County's interactive mapping applications.

  • Hunterdon County Division of GIS

    The Hunterdon County Division of GIS's role is to coordinate and support the development and maintenance of GIS data, serve as a data clearinghouse, promote conformity and establish data development standards for all GIS users throughout Hunterdon County.

  • Mercer County GIS Program

    The GIS page of Mercer County provides information about use of GIS for county projects, and information on available data. The site is a node of the New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN), developed through the NJ Office of GIS, and links to Mercer County's Internet Map Server.

  • Monmouth County Office of GIS

    The home page of the Monmouth County Office of GIS.

  • Morris County GIS

    Provides public access to maps, data, and information for Morris County.

  • Somerset County GIS Program

    The Somerset County GIS site offers background information GIS a link to the County IMS service, and metadata and downloads for data layers featured in the map services. The site is a node of the New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN), developed through the NJ Office of GIS, and links to Somerset County's Internet Map Server.

  • Sussex County Office of GIS Management

    The Sussex County Office of GIS Management provides GIS services to the different County divisions and agencies as well as providing GIS assistance to its municipalities. As a NJMAPP partner, Sussex County, actively promotes the use and sharing of GIS data throughout the County.

  • Union County Maps

    Provides public access to maps, data, and information for Union County.

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  • The GIS Center

    The GIS Center is dedicated to assisting government agencies and nonprofit organizations in their utilization of geographic information systems (GIS) and related technologies. We provide expertise to organizations that are initiating their own in-house GIS operations and conduct GIS-related projects for those that have no GIS capability of their own. The GIS Center operates as a joint project of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association and the Upper Raritan Watershed Association.

  • NJ Office of GIS NGO Program

    The State of New Jersey administers the Initiative for Community Access to Technology (ICAT) program through which New Jersey's non-profit organizations and environmental commissions can receive free software to develop their own GIS capacity.

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Links to States Bordering NJ:

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  • New York State Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

    The NY State GIS clearinghouse is a provided by the Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination.

  • Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository (CUGIR)

    CUGIR is an active online repository in the National Spatial Data Clearinghouse program. CUGIR provides geospatial data and metadata for New York State, with special emphasis on those natural features relevant to agriculture, ecology, natural resources, and human-environment interactions.

  • New York State - Interactive Mapping Gateway

    New York State's interactive mapping service.

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  • Pennsylvania Geological Survey - PENN PILOT

    (Historic Aerial Photographics from the Pennsylvania Geological Survey.)

  • Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access

    (Penn State University Pennsylvania's official geospatial information clearinghouse and FGDC node. A collaborative project of Penn State University, Pennsylvania Geospatial Information Council, and the Pennsylvania State Department on Environmental Protection.)

  • Penn State University Environmental Resources Research Institute

    The Penn State University Libraries Maps and Data Center download site.

  • Pennsylvania DEP's eMap and What's In My Watershed?

    Both eMap PA and What's In My Watershed can be accessed from this URL.

    eMap PA is a mapping application that displays DEP permit information on a dynamic web based Map Server. The application integrates permitting information with various statewide data layers on one single map controlled by the user.

    What's In My Watershed? is a mapping application that provides the user with an easy to use tool for locating their neighborhood and obtaining information about their environment.|


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Federal GIS Links:

    • Bureau of Land Management Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

      This site serves as a clearinghouse for BLM GIS data files.

    • The Environmental Protection Agency's Enviromapper

      EnviroMapper is a powerful tool used to map various types of environmental information, including air releases, drinking water, toxic releases, hazardous wastes, water discharge permits, and Superfund sites.

    • The Environmental Protection Agency's MyEnvironment

      A powerful web-based tool that provides a wide range of federal, state, and local information about environmental conditions and features in an area of your choice.

    • EPA/OST BASINS watershed management tools

      Better Assessment Science Integrating point and Nonpoint Sources (BASINS), is a multipurpose environmental analysis system for use by regional, state, and local agencies in performing watershed and water quality based studies. The application is available for download.

    • Federal Geographic Data Committee

      The Federal Geographic Data Committee is a 19 member interagency committee composed of representatives from the Executive Office of the President, Cabinet-level and independent agencies. The FGDC is developing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in cooperation with organizations from State, local and tribal governments, the academic community, and the private sector. The NSDI encompasses policies, standards, and procedures for organizations to cooperatively produce and share geographic data. Important information available includes educational material on metadata and the Spatial Data Clearinghouse.

    • Geospatial One-Stop - National Spatial Data Infrastructure, State Links

      A listing of state spatial data clearinghouse websites. This is helpful for browsing data for a particular state as opposed to conducting a search via the FGDC Clearinghouse. This is also helpful for finding data for states that may not be included in the FGDC search.

    • The National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

      NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS) defines and manages a national coordinate system. This network, the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS), provides the foundation for transportation and communication; mapping and charting; and a multitude of scientific and engineering applications. The site offers a great deal of information relevant to geodesy, geoids, datums, GPS base station information and information on contacting State Geodetic Advisors.

    • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

      The Geospatial Sciences Division provides accurate and timely expert analysis of worldwide gravity, satellite and positional information including imagery and mapping control for navigation, safety, intelligence, positioning and targeting in support of national security objectives.

    • National Park Service- Geography and Mapping Technologies-GIS

      The GIS page of the National Park Service, with links for data downloads, park information, GIS outreach and education, and applications.

    • U.S. Census Bureau Geography

      This page has information related to Census Bureau geography including links to the Maps and Cartographic Products page (map products, boundary files), the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system (TIGER), and online mapping.

    • U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

      National Mapping Information siteGeography, one of the four science disciplines in the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), is responsible for building, maintaining, and applying The National Map. USGS Geography (formerly Mapping) provides scientific information to describe and interpret America's landscape by mapping the terrain, monitoring changes over time, and analyzing how and why these changes have occurred. Information on the National Map as well as other mapping and digital data initiatives.

    • The USGS National Center for Earth Resources Observation & Science (EROS)

      The main site for obtaining geospatial data develop by the federal government including USGS data and aerial and satellite photography that can be ordered online.

    • USGS Earth Science Information Center - Ask USGS site

      A site that answers common questions about USGS. Topics include general questions about the agency, sources of information, maps and other products, educational resources, and online information.

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GPS Related Links:

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  • GPS World Magazine

    The home page of GPS World Magazine covers all thing related to GPS technology, including industry news, product reviews, etc.

  • Peter H. Dana's Global Positioning System Overview

    Created at the University of Texas, this site provides an informative overview on GPS along with useful overviews on map projections, datums, and coordinate systems.

  • Professional Surveyor Magazine

    The home page of Professional Surveyor Magazine that includes GIS, GPS, and surveying information, news items, product reviews as a searchable archive of articles from previous issues.

  • Sam Wormley's Global Positioning System Resources

    Created at Iowa State University, this site provides many links to useful GPS related sites. Includes links to equipment reviews and information files.

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GIS Educational Materials:

    • Burlington County College - Geospatial Technology Associate Degree Program

    • Burlington County Institute of Technology -GIS Certificate Program

      A program leading to certification in GIS.

    • ESRI Home Page

      The home page of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. Provides information on ESRI products and user support for customers. The site also includes links to GIS Resources (including the Geography Network, the Virtual Campus) GIS Online, GIS Events and Free Resources.

    • ESRI – Training

      Online learning dealing with general GIS concepts as well as use of ESRI software. Costs of classes range in price, and in most cases the first module can be taken at no cost.

    • The Geographer's Craft (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)

      The Geographers Craft is a teaching initiative being pursued to improve the teaching of geographical techniques at the introductory level. Includes general GIS and GPS information, course outlines, PowerPoint presentations and exercises.



      The Internet guide to GIS contains basic information about GIS for beginners including data sources and the GIS "site of the week." The site is sponsored by ESRI, Inc.

    • Monmouth University Geography/GIS Program

      Information on GIS courses, including information about the Undergraduate Minor in Geography/GIS and the Graduate Certificate in GIS. Monmouth University is located in West Long Branch, NJ

    • Montclair State University's Department of Earth and Environmental Studies

      Offers a suite of courses, from introductory through doctorate, in the GISciences (including GIS, spatial analysis, and remote sensing)

    • National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

      The NCGIA is an independent research consortium whose primary mandate is to conduct basic research in geographic information science and its related technology.

    • The National Geographic Maps and Geography Site

      Link to online mapping and map products of the National Geographic. Also includes links to introductory GIS information.

    • New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Surveying Page

      Information about the surveying program at NJIT, that also includes information on GPS, GIS and some downloads.

    • Princeton University Library - Digital Map and Geospatial Information Center

      Information on GIS data, and digital map services at Princeton University.

    • Penn State University Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

      The Penn State World Campus Certificate Program in GIS is a noncredit program designed to meet the needs and busy schedules of full-time professionals. Students earn the Certificate of Achievement in GIS by successfully completing four courses. Most courses are offered four times a year, starting in January, April, July, and October. Most courses are ten weeks in length, involving approximately 100 hours of student activity (depending on your prior computing and GIS experience).

    • Rutgers Geomatics Program

      The Cook College Office of Continuing Professional Education offers a Professional Certificate Program in Geomatics. This program recognizes that many working professionals require high-quality, practical training without the commitment of a full-time graduate program. This program is designed to fulfill that need with a series of evening and full-day short courses that provide expert instruction in a flexible schedule format.

    • Rutgers University Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis (CRSSA)

      A research center at Rutgers University focusing on advancing the application of various geo-spatial technologies including remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS). CRSSA also develops spatial-statistical analysis/modeling techniques to the environmental, agricultural and natural resource sciences and management. Links to the projects page has interesting details about CRSSA' current and past research projects.

    • Rutgers University Department of Geography

      This site provide information on the geography program at Rutgers as well as geography related links.

    • Stockton College - Environmental Studies Program

      Information on the GIS program in the Stockton College Environmental Studies program, including courses, introductory material and interactive mapping.

    • University Consortium for GIS

      The University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) is a non-profit organization of universities and other research institutions dedicated to advancing our understanding of geographic processes and spatial relationships through improved theory, methods, technology, and data.

    • URISA Links to Colleges and Universities with Existing GIS Certificate Programs

      Links to schools that are known to have GIS certificate programs, organized alphabetically.

    • West Chester University Center for Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis

      Information on GIS at West Chester University, including courses taught, faculty and student profiles, GIS lab resources, etc.

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Interactive Mapping and Internet GIS:

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  • NJDEP NJ-GeoWeb interactive mapping application

    Environmental mapping tool that can provide you with information about your neighborhood, county, or state (NJ). Homeowners can find out what's in their backyard; and environmental organizations, planners, and builders can identify open space, various regulatory boundaries, sensitive lands, watersheds, and much, much more.

  • New Jersey Information Warehouse

    This application lets you find and download orthoimagery for the entire state.

  • City of Newark, Geographic Information Network

    NEWGIN's enterprise approach to GIS ensures that the City of Newark has the tools to view and analyze the wealth of spatial data flowing between agencies.

  • Montgomery Township

    Montgomery Township and the Geospatial Information Technology Department's Geoweb Map Interactive Internet GIS Map Applications.

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  • The Delaware Data Mill

    Information about the Data Mill, including links to interactive mapping, data access, discussion forums and other resources.

  • New York State - Interactive Mapping Gateway

    New York State's interactive mapping service.

  • Pennsylvania DEP's eMap and What's In My Watershed?

    Both eMap PA and What's In My Watershed can be accessed from this URL.

    eMap PA is a mapping application that displays DEP permit information on a dynamic web based Map Server. The application integrates permitting information with various statewide data layers on one single map controlled by the user.

    What's In My Watershed? is a mapping application that provides the user with an easy to use tool for locating their neighborhood and obtaining information about their environment.|

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  • The ESRI Introduction to ArcExplorer Web

    ArcExplorer Web is a custom mapping application that lets you view one or multiple map services in your Web browser. Use ArcExplorer Web to access hundreds of ArcIMS map services available through the Geography Network, or other mapping sites, to view individually or together. By using ArcExplorer Web there is no need for the user to download and install the ArcExplorer application.

  • ESRI ArcGIS Server User Showcase

    This showcase is an ESRI service that catalogs Web sites that offer live mapping applications powered by ESRI Internet solutions. Use the registry to find exciting live Web mapping applications, or register your own site.

  • The Geography Network

    A site hosted by ESRI, focused on "sharing GIS data and services through a global network of publishers." A good place to search for data and interactive map services.

  • The Nature Conservancy's Internet Map Server

    Interactive mapping service developed by the Nature Conservancy.

  • The National Geographic Map Machine

    The interactive mapping site of the National Geographic. Geographic coverage is global and there are opportunities for purchasing maps, atlases and other geography-related merchandise.


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GIS Site Directories and Publications:

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  • GIS Café

    A wealth of GIS information including news, jobs, company information, university GIS, book reviews, and lots of downloads by category.

  • GeoCommunity

    A great deal of GIS information including news, jobs, industry information, software and data downloads. Information is available on GIS, CAD, mapping, and the location-based industry. Billed as THE leading GIS online portal and daily publication (SpatialNews NewsWire).

  • Geospatial Electronic Records

    Contains a Guide to Managing Geospatial Electronic Records; a Data Model for Managing and Preserving Geospatial Electronic Records; categorized references to related resources; project presentations; and materials from, Extending the Boundaries: A workshop on Managing and Preserving Geospatial Electronic Records.

  • GIS Lounge

    A GIS information site with industry news, discussion boards and general GIS resources. Billed as a One-stop source for GIS.

  • GIS Monitor

    The site calls itself the ultimate map/GIS directory, and contains news articles, data links, jobs listings, education, events, etc.


    A directory of GIS information that calls itself the "authoritative resource for spatial information." From the publishers of GeoWorld magazine, the site has top GIS news stories and weekly features as well as a wealth of GIS resources, product reviews and events calendar, etc.

  • Directions Magazine

    Billed as "your GIS news source" this site has GIS-related news items and feature stories in addition to many GIS resources, GIS information categorized by industry, data, events, etc.

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Professional Development:

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  • NJ DEP Employment Opportunities

    This is the general NJDEP employment opportunities site and on occasion GIS jobs are listed. Internship opportunities are also listed.

  • NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development - Workforce New Jersey

    New Jersey's virtual One-Stop, offers on-line services to workers and employers to build NJ's Workforce for the 21st Century.

  • NJ Geographic Information Network

    NJGIN has a job openings link.

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  • GeoSearch, Inc.

    A job recruitment site of GIS Recruiters GeoSearch, Inc. for job seekers and employers.

  • GIS, allows employers and job seekers to post, edit and delete resumes or classified ads using online forms. Users can also subscribe to an e-mail job listing.

  • GIS Careers Café from GIS Café.com

    The GIS job listing site of GIS Café.com.

  • GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

    The site was established in 1992 and claims to be the most visited GIS/RS jobs site on the Internet. Posting resumes and browsing the job listings is free but a small fee is charged for posting jobs.

  • GIS Lounge

    This site contains job listings within the GIS field. The site is free to browse and free to post GIS job openings.

  • Geography Jobs

    Jobs in GIS, remote sensing, urban planning, the environment, education and more.

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