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Global Positioning System

The NJDEP will be taking the NJDEP GPS base station out of service permanently on or about August 4, 2014.

With the emergence over the years of the federal NOAA - NGS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network of GPS base stations (which currently includes a station located within approximately 3.5 miles of the NJDEP station), the importance of the NJDEP station has diminished. Further, NJDEP is undergoing an enterprise-wide operating system upgrade which will not support the continued operation of NJDEP's station's logging software.

Users that need GPS reference data have for some time been able to access data (often) more local to their field work from the CORS network of stations (see Historically, the NJDEP station has primarily served users of Trimble GIS/mapping grade receivers. The data logged by the CORS stations can be used for post-processed differential correction solutions by users of many different GPS models.

The NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) has become an accepted and widespread technology for capturing mappable features digitally for use in a GIS. The system is based on a constellation of orbiting satellites that enable users with GPS receivers to determine 3D positions anywhere on or near the earth's surface. NJDEP operates a Trimble Navigation Pathfinder Community Base Station in Trenton. This station stores GPS base data and the files are available through the link below.

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