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NJDEP GIS Presentations

The following PowerPoint presentations are being made available on the web for individuals to access at their convenience.


These presentations were designed for active users of who do not have any cartographic training. Fundamental concepts such as symbolization, color, scale, and accuracy are covered in two power point presentations.

Begin with Map Presentation & Charts. The concepts are timeless. Then look at Scale, Accuracy and Layout. Most of the information is relevant to everyone, some is oriented to ArcView 3.x users. Regardless of what kind of GIS you use cartographic principles apply. So if you don't have any formal instruction in cartography we encourage you to view both of these presentations.

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Understanding Coordinates

Coordinate Systems are a mystery for many newcomers to GIS. Viewing a GIS data layer is fairly simple, but if you want to add additional data or perform geoprocessing you quickly find the need to understand coordinates. You may find this Coordinates presentation useful for learning basic concepts.

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Guide to the Basic Concepts of the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System

This slide presentation (31 slides) provides the viewer with a basic guide to understanding Global Positioning System concepts as they relate to mapping and GIS applications. Topics covered include the major components of the system, positioning concepts, general GPS considerations, current system status, GPS receiver classes, positioning methods, base stations, error sources, critical collection parameter settings, and links to other GPS related sites on the Internet.

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Introduction to Metadata

The Introduction to Metadata presentation will introduce you to FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) compliant metadata - what it is, why you need it, and how to write it properly and accurately. This presentation will cover metadata basics, the content standard (CSDGM) and general information about clearinghouses.

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